Dallas Morning News Bias – December 15, 2013


*Obamas set for 17-day Hawaiian vacation
(The News ALWAYS downplays these little getaways. Let’s see how they play this one, shall we?)
*Obamacare pushing Puerto Rico further into social welfare state, docs warn
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*It could happen again, p. 1A – What – a Benghazi? Millions more lost health plans? IRS targeting of conservatives? Another Fast and Furious? Another food-stamps record? No! It’s the WEST EXPLOSION!!!  This story, friends, is agenda gold for The News’ hacks — and they’re mining it day and night as part of theTurning Texas BIue campaign. (No time to locate DFW folks who’ve lost their health plans. No time to look into local Obamacare “navigator” corruption.Where’s the pay-off in that?) Today’s hysterical epic (three full pages + front-page intro) is the mother lode. … Today’s West “news,” per DMN Dem scribes and editors (and it’s all been reported before):  more massive, top-down, centralized government regulation can prevent future death and gnashing of teeth — but Texas Republicans oppose it. Dems – they’re for it! (They want people to live!!!)  “Major reforms” are needed because 15 people died. Obama, he’s tried but he’s meeting resistance. Texas must declare a statewide fire code — and to hell with what it costs (15 PEOPLE DIED!!); Texas must have statewide volunteer firefighter training (15 PEOPLE DIED); the eight state and federal agencies that already had oversight are not enough (15 PEOPLE DIED!!); Republicans didn’t introduce a single bill on this in the 2013 session “or the three special sessions that followed.” (yet 15 PEOPLE DIED); Ted Cruz and West state rep. Bill Flores offered “no response” to The News’ request about what they intended to do about this (though 15 PEOPLE DIED.) … Missing contextTexas has been allowing75,000 unborn babies a year to be killed for many moons – yet we’ve not seen anepic abortion feature in The News, complete with descriptions of tools and procedures used, complications that often follow, unborn development diagrams, etc.; and, currently, Dear Leader Obama’s regime is bombarding our country with new Utopian regs – at a rate of about 70 per day – and yet people die.
*Giving center is the one in need, Steve Blow column, p. 1B – “Fretful Stevie” has stumbled onto an interesting juxtaposition to The News’ demand for more regs aboveIt seems the Bethlehem Center, a financially-strapped Dallas charity, must now come up $100, 000 to install a fire sprinkler system, due to a city code technicality. Hey, it’s the law!!! Your “grandfathered” status is toast!! We’re gonna keep you safe – if it drives you from existence!! Hahahahahhahahahhahha! Stevie, of course, has no problem with the code. He’s simply begging DFW citizens to chip in and pay the hundred-grand. (And they will.) Tell us, Stevie, who’s going to pay business owners’ costs when Big Bro’ and The News have their way with the fertilizer industry?
*[Colo. High school] shooter intended to track down librarian, officials say, AP, p. 6A – The News doesn’t tell you this shooter is described by a classmate as “a very opinionated Socialist.” Others say he was upset about “income inequality.” (Think it’s left out if he’d been a tea-partier? Don’t make me laugh.) … BTW, should The News — with its strident calls to fix the evils of “income inequality,” its demands that vicious, unfair “gaps” be closed – bear some responsibility for helping create an environment that causes some libs to explode in violent rage? It would seem so.
*Testimony: CIA team disagreed on [Benghazi] response, AP, p. 7A – Whataya know – whitewash! It was all just a big ol’ misunderstanding! … So tell us, DMN: does this mean IT COULD HAPPEN AGAIN? … The words “Barack Obama” do not appear here.
*Benghazi becoming training hub or Islamist insurgents, McClatchy, p. 26A –The words “Barack Obama” do not appear here.
*Pope’s crackdown on [Latin Mass] order draws criticism, AP, p. 23A – MoreMan O’ The Year news! But still nothing on his recent defense of life in the womb.
*Navigating the in-law minefield, Sunday Opinion feature, p. 1P – More significant discourse on a critical issue of the day: dealing with the in-laws over the holidays!! Good stuff! I mean, this goes back to some of the great sitcoms of all time: The Honeymooners, The Flintstones —  Mama’s Family!! Riveting, indeed. … Recall last Sunday, The News’ deep-thinkers chose the classic “Is Texas treating you right?” …  (Anything to avoid what really happening to this country right now, folks.)
*More firms filling spots with temps, Schnurman Business commentary, p. 1D – “Schneering” Schnurman — who usually can’t write a complete sentence without mentioning Obamacare – here manages an entire commentary on the rising tide of temp jobs, the growing loss of full-time employment  —  without a single mention of it.
*Celebrations, p. 12E – No homosexual “wedding” announcements again. I think the LGBT community could win a lawsuit over this. After all, cake-bakers, photographers, and others who’ve refused homosexual “weddings” have been successfully sued of late. … (DMN publisher Mahoney said The News would do it, then after a couple, stopped cold.)


Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.