Dallas Morning News Bias – November 22, 2013

What you HAVEN’T learned from The News’ year-long JFK50 series:
— JFK opposed abortion
— JFK cut taxes
— JFK was tough on unions
— JFK was pro-death penalty
— JFK was a “lifetime” NRA member — the only Democrat among 8 U.S. presidents so affiliated.
— JFK supported Second Amendment rights
— JFK had more in common with Reagan than LBJ
See below, the book you never saw in The News’ JFK50 series:
1) U.S. may have let dozens of al Qaeda terrorists into country as refugees
2) Illegal immigration activists storm House Majority Leader’s condo complex
(The Left won’t take “no” for answer. Anarchy — we’re almost there, friends!)
3) Obama sinks to new low in CNN poll
4) Calif. rejects Obama’s Obamacare ‘fix’
5) Conn. only state enrolling more in private insurance than Medicaid
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*GOP fuming after filibusters limited, AP, p. 1A – What The News’ chosen take doesn’t tell you: with this action, the Dems overturned a nearly 225-year Senate precedent.Even WashPo noted the rule went back “more than two centuries.” … Quote of the story:“‘Enough is enough,’ Obama said.” … (Stalin said that too, no?)
*’Knockout’ game gets attention of police, AP, p. 2A – ‘Bout time! It’s been “getting the attention of police” for two years now. … But look how AP downplays the racial component: “some of those attacked have been white, and some suspected attackers black …” (In other AP news: some bears crap in the woods, some Popes are Catholic …)
*Doonesbury, p. 2E – Today’s Doonesbury — brought to you by Editor Bob Mong in The News’ Comics section — calls tea partiers “insane.” … No. of strips deriding libs today:ZERO.


Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.