Dallas Morning News Bias – October 3, 2013

1) 100 consequences of Obamacare
(How ’bout these, DMN — instead of your agenda-driven bleating about shutdown consequences?
2) GOP offers children’s cancer treatment bill; Reid, Obama refuse
(They also refused bills for the VA and national parks.)
3) Park Service: Obama admin ordered memorials closed
(Clinton didn’t do that in ’95. It’s never been done. So why is Dear Leader Obama doing it — and getting away with it in The News?)
4) Obama admin knew of WWII vets’ request, rejected it
5) New wave of WWII vets storm Memorial barricade
6) Obama closes military grocery stores; his golf course stays open
7) Obama closes Normandy Beach memorial
8) Under Obama, U.S. government debt held by public up 90%
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*Officials working on kinks in [Obamacare] systems, NYT, p. 1A – Kink’s? Here’s a “kink” in The News’ presentation: this “overwhelming interest,” this“flood” of consumer interest — it seems California libs have been caught LYING about their site’s hits. They claimed 5 million — it was really 645,000. The LATimes has the story. Also, some states reported just 1% of site visitors actually signed up. … Here’s an idea for you DMN Obamadroids: Drop your partisan rage and check Drudge — just once a day — before going to press. Then have the ‘nads to run what’s really going on out there.
*Uncertainty casting pall over economy, p. 1A – Dear Leader’s policies have cast a pall on the economy for 5 years now. Hello?
*Front-page highlight box, p. 1A – The News invites readers to check out an Op-Ed on its Opinion page with this mid-story box. In Opinion, we find side-by-side Op-Eds: Law’s not perfect, so we should fix it and Boehner gained leverage for debt-ceiling fight. Which did The News highlight on 1A? You guessed it: the first one — and only the first one.
*What [Wendy] Davis needs to win governor’s race, p. 1A – Let’s see: she’s got The DMN in her hip pocket. What else …. uhh … more Mizunos? A BS factory? … So, is this s’posed to be hard-news or one of 3-Dub Slater’s Between My Ears Op-Eds? Hard to tell.
*Poll shows tight race for governor, p. 2A – DMN Dem scribe Hoppe-Along Lefty found a poll that says the governor’s race is tight! ‘Course, there’s no Dem running yet — but hey. Hoppe also says ‘cuz half the folks haven’t yet decided, that’s a vacuum waiting for someone to “introduce themselves and define their opponent — [that’s you, Wendy!]” … One thing, Ms. Hoppe — in helping “Abortion Barbie,” you may wanna avoid using the word “vacuum.” 
*Davis campaign inspiring youth, p. 2A – Of course she is! She’s a good thing — for us all!
*Perry speaks out, At a Glance, p. 13A – Hoppe’s back! … She says Perry called Obamacare “a criminal act.” She rebuts with, “The law was passed by Congress, signed by the president, and largely upheld by the Supreme Court.” Ma’am, Perry said what Obamacare was doing to young people was a criminal act. But for the record, the law was “passed by Congress” without a single GOP vote, under the table, nobody read it, and reconciliation was used. And that’s precisely why we are where we are. … Please keep your editorial flourishes to yourself, Ms. Hoppe. We all know the law was passedand signed.
*Dems see Cruz as puppet master, p. 13A – That means get ready for the Tom DeLay rack, Ted. The News is coming for you too.

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.