The Texas House Committee on Redistricting, Select will hold a public hearing (Thursday in Dallas) on the Texas redistricting plans which if you will recall, were decided in the courts against the will of the Texas Legislature in 2011. Governor Perry called a Special Session of the current 83rd Texas Legislature (can last for 30 days) within hours after the regular 83rd session adjourned sine die last week (May 27th), with specific instructions on the subject to be addressed:

The special session will consider the following issue:

“Legislation which ratifies and adopts the interim redistricting plans ordered by the federal district court as the permanent plans for districts used to elect members of the Texas House of Representatives, Texas Senate and United States House of Representatives.”

The TX House Committee on Redistricting has just posted the scheduled for public hearings in 3 cities:…..
DALLAS: Thu, June 6th at 2:00pm
SAN ANTONIO: Mon, June 10th @ 2:00pm
HOUSTON: Wed, June 12th @ 2:00pm
(See details in the link above)

The Texas SENATE Committee on Redistricting, Select will hold public hearings on the redistricting plans elsewhere in the state:
Austin: 9:00 AM, Thursday, June 06
Corpus Christi: 5:00 PM, Friday, June 07
Houston: 11:00 AM, Saturday, June 08
Austin: 9:00 AM, Wednesday, June 12  (link for each public hearing notice, with the details)

For those in North Texas, you’re invited to attend and voice your concerns this Thursday at 2:00pm. This is short notice I know and may be impossible for those that do not have a flexible work schedule but for those that do, I encourage you to do your best to show up.