7 PROPOSED AMENDMENTS – Put Through The Test

An NFL referee can’t perform his duty if he’s not well educated on the 200+ page rule book. Voters can’t expedite their duty if they don’t know the rules restricting government  – that is the Supreme Law of the land; the 34 page U.S. Constitution.  It is upon these principles that our Texas Constitution and statutes are supposed to be enacted.

If you plan to vote on the 7 proposed amendments to our 200+ page Texas Constitution, you should have consistent rules by which you judge every amendment.  I consistently use the U.S. Constitution as my benchmark.   My three test questions are found here because every law increases the size, scope, and cost of government.

Here’s a summary of the 7 proposals and their constitutionality… Continue reading “7 PROPOSED AMENDMENTS – Put Through The Test”

First foreign-owned toll road in Texas downgraded to junk bond status


At the end of the day, P3s represent public money for private profits and do little to solve urban congestion. Texas is building underutilized tollways using a scurrilous financing mechanism that erodes state sovereignty and impedes freedom to travel. Lawmakers and whoever the new governor will be need to dump P3s and get back to a freely accessible, affordable pay-as-you-go freeway system that serves all Texans equitably.



Transportation, PPPs, TEF, and Our Appetite for Imports

Gov. Perry’s press release announced that TEXAS taxpayers are providing $800,000 through the Texas Enterprise Fund to close a deal with Fritz Industries, Inc. in Greenville, TX.

COULD THIS HAVE ANYTHING to do with the “Blacklands Corridor Feasibility Study”, proposing to build the new multimodal (includes toll road option) transportation facility along or near the Northeast Texas Rural Rail Transportation District (NETEX) right-of-way, from IH-30 in Greenville (Hunt County), through Collin County, to the President George Bush Turnpike in Dallas County? By the way, NETEX already signed a lease agreement on Jan 9, 2013 with a private company named Cotton Belt Turnpike LP (public private partnership) to do such a thing, so this study is a “cart before the horse” study. Continue reading “Transportation, PPPs, TEF, and Our Appetite for Imports”

BAD Bill Alert…SB 1029 removes local public hearing/county commissioner approval (toll roads)

Below is a cut & paste from Terri Hall (http://texasturf.org/grassroots-action-center/327-bad-bill-alert). Read her explanation below – or – go to the bottom of this article for info on what you can do now – TODAY – to stop this bad bill

SB 1029 keeps 5 loopholes in the law that allow the conversion of free lanes into toll lanes, removes public vote Continue reading “BAD Bill Alert…SB 1029 removes local public hearing/county commissioner approval (toll roads)”