Returning to a Totally Transparent Election- arguments “Against” / “For” paper ballots

“Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.”
– Joseph Stalin

Below are arguments against returning to paper ballots.

The indented text is argument in favor of returning to paper ballots.

A.) Public Support / Ignorance
The vast majority of those who do show up and who do vote have confidence in the reporting of electronic voting machines along with confidence in the government and the media that report these vote counts.

• The general public does not understand how their votes are being counted and stolen via electronic voting machines and the machines that count the bubbled-in paper ballots. (see links at the end of this article)
• The media and those responsible for counting the ballots must expose the evils of counting the votes in secret, through education and support for totally transparent paper ballots.

Voting Machine
B.) Outdated, Old Fashioned Methods of Counting the Ballots
Most voters scoff at the idea of abandoning the utilization of advanced technology (refer to item “A.” above.)

• What are the costs of electronic voting machines to the town, county, and state? How often are upgrades necessary? How much is the cost to warehouse these machines? How secure are the warehouses that store these machines? How secure are the machines overnight at the dozens of early voting locations? The costs of electronic voting machines should be sought, revealed, and compared to the costs of a totally transparent paper ballot counted by local voters at the precinct polling location each evening before Continue reading “Returning to a Totally Transparent Election- arguments “Against” / “For” paper ballots”