Dallas Morning News Bias – October 6, 2013

From yesterday:
*Giving ground on WWII Memorial, p. 1A – DMN Dem scribes Todd Gillman and Emily Wilkins quote two WWII vets here: one who says, “Obama is a great president. I’m not knocking him at all,” the other, “[The shutdown] is probably structured by Ted Cruz. He’s pleased, I think.” So Dear Leader Obama is the first U.S. president to cravenly close open-air war memorials during a shutdown and DMN scribes can’t find a single vet to say a bad word about him. That’s journalistic corruption, dear readers. … BTW, you haven’t and won’t see this in The News: a Park Ranger says, “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting.”

Dallas Morning News Bias – September 21, 2013

1) Homosexual activist shooter sentenced to 25 years in prison
(Folks, The News ignored this for PURELY ideological reasons. … Read about hero Leo Johnson below. You’ll never see it in The News.) Continue reading “Dallas Morning News Bias – September 21, 2013”

Must Read Texas – September 20, 2013

Cruz Under Pressure as House Votes on his Defund Strategy Today; 
Perry: ‘Important’ Political Announcement Before Israel Trip Later This Year;
Leonard Funeral Mass at 11am; MRT on TV; Item of Personal Privilege Continue reading “Must Read Texas – September 20, 2013”

Dallas Morning News Bias – September 20, 2013

1) IRS continued tracking conservatives from Dallas office
(The scandal moves right into Big D! Will The News be all over it, put armies of scribes on this? NO.)
2) Dems walk out of Benghazi hearing for victims’ family members Continue reading “Dallas Morning News Bias – September 20, 2013”

Must Read Texas – September 16, 2013

Excerpts from the www.MustReadTexas.com daily news mailing:

This Week’s Big Questions; Biden Elevates Cruz;
Julian Castro Visits Iowa; Mackowiak & Stanford on Wendy

Defund ObamaCare – DontFundIt.com

obamacare-logo_fullWould it be a surprise to learn that we have one Texas Senator who is championing the fight against the upcoming Obamacare trainwreck and one Senator who is giving false reasons for not supporting the effort and siding with the DC establishment?   Continue reading “Defund ObamaCare – DontFundIt.com”