9 Proposed Amendments – Put Through the Constitutional Test

Here is a taxpayer’s view of the intended and unintended consequences of the efforts of our noble Austin legislators.Constitution

First, one must read the proposed legislation because the brief explanatory statement of the nature of each proposed amendment listed on the ballot is not even close to addressing what is in the amendment. If a proposed amendment has enabling legislation (many do), the details of the amendment with taxing authority, penalties for violations, and other changes/additions to other state statutes may be found there. In short, you have to read the amendment/enabling bill to find out what’s in it and often times we have to pass the amendment/bill to find out what’s in it. On some of the proposed amendments, the enabling legislation is silent (deficient) in certain areas. Where there is silence in the enabling legislation, once the amendment is passed then it may be up to the courts to decide the intent of the author(s) of the amendment or enabling legislation. This is unfortunate but true.

Second, one should understand the Purpose and Consequences of laws.

Third, one should put each proposed amendment to the 3 question test of “constitutionality”. Continue reading “9 Proposed Amendments – Put Through the Constitutional Test”

All Laws Must Pass the Constitutional Test

All legislative matters, the conduct and actions of government officials, and the enforced ordinances and laws which restrict human activity, should pass the three question test:Constitutional Test

1.) Is it “constitutional”?
(Supports the constitutional republic)

2.) Is there a need?
(Do all the People have a need for and benefit from the proposed government intervention?)

3.) Affordability?
(Can the People afford it? Is the cost equal and uniform?)

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OBAMACARE – How many Texans favor taking the “bribe” money?


The Affordable Care Act
The Affordable Care Act

by Dennis Scharp

Re: Perry, think beyond West (Letter to the editor in the Dallas Morning News; 9 August).

This East Dallas resident, Kurt Wolfenbarger, opined that it was good news that the city of West was successful in getting FEMA disaster relief funds from the Federal Government.  However, he then chided Governor Perry for not accepting the Federal “bribe” money associated with Obamacare.

How many others are there Continue reading “OBAMACARE – How many Texans favor taking the “bribe” money?”

Will Obamacare “Destroy” the Elderly?

by Ron Woodruff

The Affordable Care Act
The Affordable Care Act

Our government is aggressively promoting The Affordable Care Act as the way to provide health care for 30 million Americans who currently have no coverage.  By implication, many supporters falsely assume that our beloved government is “giving” health care to everyone for free.  Sadly, those who live with this assumption are the least inclined to investigate the realities of this grotesque law.  The ultimate and total cost of Obamacare to all Americans, individually and collectively, is beyond our ability to predict.  Our current government, through some diabolical combination of Continue reading “Will Obamacare “Destroy” the Elderly?”

Texas Death Panel dies in Committee, with Heated Testimonies

I want to thank Rep. Lois Kolkhorst for her leadership on the House Committee on Public Health. SB 303 (aka Death Panel bill) has died in her committee, and with good reason.

SB 303, by Representatives Deuell | Estes | Lucio III, proposes to remove my inherent right to life and Continue reading “Texas Death Panel dies in Committee, with Heated Testimonies”

Supremacy Clause; Subject to Judicial Whim?

An exceptionally intelligent and civic minded group of high school students traveled to the Capitol with NTCL on May 6th.   Their visit to one of the 181 legislators’ office revealed some disappointment during civil discourse centered on the supremacy clause Continue reading “Supremacy Clause; Subject to Judicial Whim?”

HJR 59 – Choice in Healthcare – White Paper and Notes

HJR 59, Choice in Healthcare (Right to not choose ObamaCare)

Here is a white paper for HJR 59 prepared by the NTCL research teamContinue reading “HJR 59 – Choice in Healthcare – White Paper and Notes”