2017 in Review; Three ConCon bills Passed in Texas

[HINT: you have to read the bills to know what’s being done to you]

Here’s a Review of the 3 Article V Convention bills passed in the
Texas 85th Legislature (2017)

[you may have been deceived, again] Continue reading “2017 in Review; Three ConCon bills Passed in Texas”

Gov. Abbott’s Mission to Write a New Manifesto for These united states

On Friday January 8, 2016, Texas Governor Greg Abbott released his call for a new manifesto for these United States. His new manifest is titled: “The Texas Plan”. Abbott admits the problem is not with the U.S. Constitution by stating; “The Constitution itself is not broken. What is broken is our Nation’s willingness to obey the Constitution and to hold our leaders accountable to it.”

If the Constitution is not broken, then why would the highest ranking Republican of Texas promote a constitutional convention with representation from George Soros?  Why would Gov. Abbott support a con con with delegates representing brand new manifestos (constitutions)? Here are a few manifestos just waiting for the right crisis:
1.) Constitution for the New Socialist Republic of North America (Soros)
2.) Constitution 2020 Movement (Soros)
3.) Constitution for the New States of America (Ford and Rockefeller Foundations)

Most reading this have some understanding of the ideology of George Soros. But the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations aren’t that bad – right? The Ford & Rockefeller Foundations were behind 2 of the worst amendments we have today – the 16th Amendment (federal income tax), and the 17th Amendment (direct election of U.S. Senators). Continue reading “Gov. Abbott’s Mission to Write a New Manifesto for These united states”

Where’s Texas on Interposition? Tennessee, and now Alabama Gets It

In what is a growing movement of state interposition against federal judicial tyranny, the Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore 10th amendment_Nullification DVDtoday issued an order directing probate judges not to issue marriage licenses to homosexuals. The order states:


Until further decision by… (read more)

DPS – More Smoke & Mirrors; by quoting 3 words

(updated 9-10-14 @ 3:00pm)

Smoke & mirrors can fool the best citizen activist but, sifting through the smoke and splintered facts with patience can uncover the truth. Taking a statement out of context, and quoting one section of the Texas Transportation Code can claim just about anything a director of the Department of Public Safety may wish to claim, but the truth is found when the entire Code is read, especially when legislative intent is examined.

The current Director of the Texas Department of Public Safety was allowed to DPS fingerprint scannerwrite a brief article in a Dallas paper on Sept. 3, 2014, attempting to “clear up any misconceptions related to the legality of the expanded fingerprinting process within Texas driver’s license system”, claiming DPS authority by quoting three words from the Texas Transportation Code; “thumbprints or fingerprints”. Continue reading “DPS – More Smoke & Mirrors; by quoting 3 words”

YOU DECIDE-Is DPS Violating Texas Law?

Since January of 2014, the Texas Department of Public Service (a very powerful bureaucracy) has been collecting fingerprints of all 10 digits to obtain an original driver license, renewal of driver license, or a duplicate driver license. This change also applies to the photo I.D. cards obtained through DPS.5-5-05 HSE Chamber-2nd reading

Texas law reads:
(b) The application must include:(1) the thumbprints of the applicant or, if thumbprints cannot be taken, the index fingerprints of the applicant

YOU DECIDE whether the legislative intent was to extend the thumbprint collection to all 10 digits. Watch the videos… Continue reading “YOU DECIDE-Is DPS Violating Texas Law?”

DPS is Violating Legislative Intent

-posted by Barbara Harless

The law states that individuals applying for original driver licenses, renewal drivers DPS fingerprint scannerlicenses, applicants applying for duplicate drivers licenses and personal identification certificates, must render thumbprints or index fingerprints (if a thumb is not available), along with an Image Verification System Photo (facial recognition photo).

The Texas DPS has been collecting full sets of 10 digit fingerprints, against legislative intent, since April that this blogger knows of.  Dave Lieber with the Dallas Morning News reports that all 10 digits were being collected as early as January 2014 (see DMN links below).

Here is the legislative history:

1967 HB 354 (60th Legislature) – Added thumbprints or index fingerprints (if a thumb was not available) requirement to Continue reading “DPS is Violating Legislative Intent”

Dallas Morning News Bias – September 21, 2013

1) Homosexual activist shooter sentenced to 25 years in prison
(Folks, The News ignored this for PURELY ideological reasons. … Read about hero Leo Johnson below. You’ll never see it in The News.) Continue reading “Dallas Morning News Bias – September 21, 2013”

Dallas Morning News Bias – September 17, 2013

1) Obama waives U.S. ban on arming terrorists to allow Syrian ‘rebel’ aid
(You read that right.)
2) Embattled Syria ‘expert’: I made ‘many mistakes’
3) CIA employee who refused to sign non-disclosure statement suspended
From yesterday:
Group hopes for Davis run, p. 5B – 25 inches on what a pro-abort Wendy Davis-backer thinks of Wendy Davis running for governor. Now that’s some “news,” baby!! A sampling: “It’s fantastic[!]”; “She’s an incredibly smart state senator[!]”; She has “courage” and “fearlessness[!]”; Republicans want us to “revert back to the policies of the 1950s.” Nothing but a free campaign ad, folks. … BTW, has anyone seen a DMN story devoted to nothing but a tea partier going on and on about Ted Cruz, without a single negative syllable? No, kind readers. And you won’t.
Meanwhile today’s DMN “news”
*[GOP gubernatorial candidate] Pauken uses Davis to run against Abbott, p. 1A  Even a DMN feature on a GOP candidate is about “Abortion Barbie!” Good stuff!! … Question for DMN Dem scribe “3-Dub” Slater: This “Republican in the crowd” at the tea party meeting who stood and claimed to be worried about “this woman, Wendy Davis” — thus making the front-page — no way he/she was a plant, huh, Wayne? … And for those wondering, “3-Dub” again assures Ms. Davis will make her decision to run or not “in the coming weeks.” (This will get really exciting when it gets down to “the coming hours,” “the coming minutes.”)
*Divide and conquer, p. 1B  A glowing review of something called “project-based learning'” for elementary school tikes! (Gee, why didn’t we think of that??) DMN Dem scribe Andrew Scoggin hasn’t a bad thing to say about teachers “stepping aside” and letting little ones “totally take charge of their own learning.” Oh, except, deep on jump-page 9B we learn they don’t do well on tests — but “What the hell!” says a Purdue egghead. “What little they do learn, they retain!” (LOL. Too much.)  Scribe Scoggin assures this is an “increasingly popular method in education.” (I bet, Scogs! Teachers do nothing — kids learn nothing!) … Not wanting to offend these esteemed educators, Scroggin fails to note that law school, medical school, military flight school, real estate school, dog catcher, all require taking tests. And unanswered here: do these kids receive a stipend for “totally taking charge of their own learning?”
*[Black] Crash victim gunned down by [white] officer, LATimes, p. 4A – We’re reminded here, of course, the black man was “unarmed.” But recall unarmed Chris Lane, shot in the back this summer, was never referred to as “unarmed.” … Just pointing out the journalistic bias, friends. The mainstream media view it as their duty to ratchet up racial tension in all cases of white-on-black violence, no matter the circumstances.