Putting Teeth in the GOP Platform

Every two years, thousands (maybe millions) of volunteer hours go into crafting our Texas GOP Platform to represent the majority of about 9000 Republicans in the state of Texas. These 9000 volunteers are the delegates to our state convention.GOP Convention

Texas, being a red state, has seen many politicians benefit from running under the Republican banner in the Primary Election. They win, and they are a shoe-in when the straight party voters cast a ballot the following November. We know this is true because we label many of these politicians as RINOs (Republican In Name Only). Once they gain office, they execute their powers their own way.

How would you like to see a policy similar to the following adopted and enforced by the Republican Party of Texas?

“The Republican Party of Texas may vote to censure a Republican office holder for consistent actions taken in opposition to the core principles of the Republican Party of Texas as defined in our Platform. This censure may include a stipulation Continue reading “Putting Teeth in the GOP Platform”

Proposition 6: Drowning Us In Debt?

Screenshot from 2013-10-07 20:50:51Moderate Republicans sided with Democrats to raid Texas’ rainy day fund for water projects.  Their priorities are backward — the most important projects should be funded first, not pushed off to the end then punted to the voters.  Note that local representative Giovanni Capriglione fought for transparency and accountability but couldn’t overcome the liberal and irresponsible establishment.

read the article at Empower Texans: http://www.empowertexans.com/features/proposition-6-drowning-us-in-debt/

Texas Legislature Attempting to Punish Grassroots Activist?

Another relevant and important article from Empower Texans:

Unethical Commission (updated with vote results)

Texas House GOP moderates — and the entire block of Democrats — voted to silence conservatives and give new powers to labor unions. The legislation still has to be voted on one more time by the House (probably Tuesday), and then it will go to Gov. Rick Perry for either his signature or veto. See how your legislator voted at the link below.


Citizens Lobby = Outside Forces ?

1836-logo-105x100A recent newsletter from Michael Q Sullivan of Empower Texans pointed out some recent actions in the Texas House that are encouraging:   Continue reading “Citizens Lobby = Outside Forces ?”