Introduction to NTCL Video

The video recording of the ‘Introduction to NTCL’ presentation from September 6, 2014 is now available.  The handouts and slideshow related to the presentation are also available at the links below.   We believe citizen involvement is essential for our republican system of government to be healthy and have created framework and processes to maximize our effectiveness based on NTCL principles and goals.  If you were unable to be at the meeting in person and would like to know more about the process, view the video below.  (The full presentation is 1 hour)  If you would like to help the NTCL effort, please contact us.

Handouts mentioned in video:

Slideshow of presentation:

Direct link to video:

Genesis 47:13-27

I’m sharing a time-appropriate email I received today…

A sermon from the minister of a predominantly black church in Virginia.  Perhaps we should each decide who our real leader is… It is amazing to see that very little has changed in 4,000 years. Continue reading “Genesis 47:13-27”

Life, Liberty, and Property Tour in DFW January 15 and 16

The Life, Liberty, and Property Tour looked interesting to me so I thought other folks interested in grassroots activism would want to attend:

Are you looking to be more involved in the fight to keep Texas strong…? 
The Life, Liberty & Property Tour has set two very special dates in Dallas County and Tarrant County for mid-January!
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Texas State Board of Education Pressured by Evolution Supporters

Science Textbooks Evolution Debate Reignites

Biology text books are currently under review by members of the State Board of Education (SBOE).  Terrence Stutz had an article on this in Dallas Morning News on 18 September 2013; “A textbook evolution debate”.

There are two views on education. Continue reading “Texas State Board of Education Pressured by Evolution Supporters”

Son of Single Mom Goes All In

Ben was only five years old when his father died, leaving his mother to somehow raise eight children as a single mom. Fortunately, she was totally committed to his education and endured personal sacrifice so he could go to school.  Little did she know that he would later choose to throw away his very life, if need be, by signing his own death warrant.

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Smart Meter OPT OUT-Call YOUR Senator

ATTN: Texas… Our Smart meter Bill was voted out of committee – and it needs some strong support. Please phone your state Senator and express your support in opting OUT of electric advanced meters… NOW !!!

This isn’t the bill we as consumers wanted but at this stage, it’s the best we have.


…Dewhurst won’t put it for a Senate floor vote until he has 21 senators that will vote “yea”. Tell YOUR senator to phone Dewhurst to report their “yea” vote!

Find your senator’s phone# here:

March 7th Smart Meter Briefing in Austin…

HB760 is Scheduled for Public Hearing on Tuesday 30 April

Please contact the members of the House Public Education Committee to express your support for HB760 and urge them to quickly report favorably on this bill.  This bill will provide needed oversight and direction over course curriculum.  This is a positive step in preventing “CSCOPE” from undermining the education of our students.

If you are going to be in Austin on the 30th please register in favor of HB760 and if you can, also testify before the committee.  The Committee hearings will held in E2.036 beginning at 2pm or upon final adjournment/recess.

House Public Education Committee:

Chair            Rep. Jimmie Don Aycock      E2.708        Tel: 512-463-0684         email: 

Vice Chair    Rep. Alma Allen                    E1.506        Tel: 512-463-0744         email:         

                      Rep. John Davis                  1N.10         Tel: 512-463-0764          email: 

                      Rep. Joe Deshote                GN.8           Tel: 512-463-0662         email:  

                      Rep. Harold Dutton              3N.5            Tel: 512-463-0510         email:

                      Rep. Marsha Farney            E1.310        Tel: 512-463-0309         email: 

                      Rep. Dan Huberty                 E2.722        Tel: 512-463-0520         email: 

                      Rep. Ken King                       E2.402        Tel: 512-463-0736         email: 

                      Rep. Bennett Ratliff              E2.40          Tel: 512-463-0468         email: 

                      Rep. Justin Rodriguez           E2.804        Tel: 512-463-0669         email: 

                      Rep. Mike Villarreal                4S.6            Tel: 512-463-0532          email: