The State’s Answer to a Federal Tyrant…

…is in the U.S. Constitution.

Good News Bad News
The good news for Texas is that the 84th Texas senate thwarted the effort of the house to open up our U.S. Constitution and our form of government to a complete re-write. The bad news is that ¹80 house reps are either ignorant of our form of government, or they despise it.  Either reason is not good news.

Two bills passed in the house and fortunately were stopped in the senate; HB 1110 and HJR 77. Let’s look at HJR 77 Continue reading “The State’s Answer to a Federal Tyrant…”

Texas Tax Day Tea Party Rally

WHO: All who support the tea party principles of Limited Government, Fiscal Sanity, Personal Responsibility, Rule of Law, and National and State Sovereignty, whether you belong to a group, attend meetings or not! Dozens and dozens of tea parties from around the state are participating!
WHAT: First ever statewide tea party rally
WHERE: South Steps of the Texas Capitol Building in AustinTexas Day Tea Party
WHEN: Wednesday, April 15, 2015
Rally Before The Rally – 11:30-noon
Rally – noon-1pm
Breakout Sessions – 2:00pm and 3:30pm (see link below)
Citizen Lobbying – 1:30-5:00pm (names of Reps to visit and talking points provided via flyer)
WHY: To check on legislation mid-session and to show the combined strength of Texas tea partiers
Brandon Darby, Managing Director of Breitbart Texas
Michael Quinn Sullivan, President of Empower Texans/Texans for Fiscal Responsibility
Jonathan Stickland, Texas’ #1 most conservative State Representative (District 92)
and more!
More info, see:


The 84th Legislature will heat up next week, with 29 Committee Hearings scheduled as of today.

Statue at Capitol
Statue at Capitol

Here’s a sampling of bills that are scheduled to be heard:
• Committees on Finance continue their hearings
• Compensatory education allotment funding to provide assistance with child care to students at risk of dropping out of school.
• Testing of students with limited English proficiency
• notifying a parent or guardian whether an employee of a school is appointed school marshal Continue reading “29 COMMITTEE HEARINGS NEXT WEEK”



TIME & DATE: 10:00 AM, Thursday, September 25, 2014

PLACE: Dallas, Texas
CHAIR: Sen. Huffman and Rep. Thompson, Senfronia

The Joint Interim Committee to Study Human Trafficking will hear invited and public testimony on Thursday, September 25th at 10:00 a.m. at
Dallas Police Department
Jack Evans Police Headquarters
Donald Stafford Conference Room
1400 S. Lamar Street
Dallas, Texas 75215

The Committee will:

Hear testimony on services and resources available to victims of human trafficking; and

Discuss current efforts in North Texas region to combat human trafficking.

Public testimony will be limited to 2 minutes per person.

…find more legislative public hearings:

Perry adds Transportation, Abortion, & Mandatory Life w/Parole, to the Special Session

Gov. Perry Adds Transportation to Special Session Call
Monday, June 10, 2013 • Press Release

Gov. Perry Adds Two Issues to Special Session Call
Tuesday, June 11, 2013 • Press Release
(regulation of abortion procedures & mandatory sentence of life with parole for a capital felony committed by a 17-year-old offender.)


The Texas House Committee on Redistricting, Select will hold a public hearing (Thursday in Dallas) on the Texas redistricting plans which if you will recall, were decided in the courts against the will of the Texas Legislature in 2011. Governor Perry called a Special Session of the current 83rd Texas Legislature (can last for 30 days) within hours after the regular 83rd session adjourned sine die last week (May 27th), with specific instructions on the subject to be addressed:

The special session will consider the following issue: Continue reading “PUBLIC HEARING in DALLAS: THURSDAY June 6th @ 2pm”

BAD Bill Alert…SB 1029 removes local public hearing/county commissioner approval (toll roads)

Below is a cut & paste from Terri Hall ( Read her explanation below – or – go to the bottom of this article for info on what you can do now – TODAY – to stop this bad bill

SB 1029 keeps 5 loopholes in the law that allow the conversion of free lanes into toll lanes, removes public vote Continue reading “BAD Bill Alert…SB 1029 removes local public hearing/county commissioner approval (toll roads)”

HB 78 – Tax Exemption for Small Purchases of Coins and Metals

HB 78 is David Simpson’s bill that exempts certain coins and precious metals from sales tax.  The bill passed the house and has been placed on the Senate calendar.  This bill will extend the sales tax exemption on coins/metals to purchases under $1000. (Current law exempts purchases over $1000).  Judging from the fact that the bill had over 120 co-sponsors in the House, the politicians see value in passing this.
Recommended action: Contact your Senator and urge them to vote IN FAVOR of HB 78.

Turning Freeways into Tollroads and Double Taxing

Three issues regarding roads in Texas are listed here.  The first one is specific to the North Texas Area.  This info comes by way of Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom (TURF)

URGENT ACTION ITEM #1   Continue reading “Turning Freeways into Tollroads and Double Taxing”

Guns & Gold…bills to be heard on Monday

May 11, 8:45am

There are three 2nd Amendment bills being heard in public hearings on Monday, May 13, as well as HB 78. Continue reading “Guns & Gold…bills to be heard on Monday”