Restoring the United States to a Constitutional Republic

Has the country fallen too far to be restored to its founding as a Constitutional Republic?  The drift towards socialism is not just the political disregard for the Constitution; there are bigger factors Continue reading “Restoring the United States to a Constitutional Republic”

Nov 5, 2013…Nine Proposed TEXAS Constitutional Amendments

Hot off the press….
Nine (9) propositions will appear on the Nov 5th ballot, in the attempt to amend our state constitution  [this has been done every 2 years since 1879] 
Does Austin want more of your savings account?

Below, you can find 2 state legislative produced documents that outline the 9 propositions that you will be asked to vote on this Nov 5th. Before you read, please understand who is directing the narrative on these 2 publications:
HRO Steering Committee and the Governing Body of the TX Lege Council
These are the very people that wrote the bills and managed to pass them. As you read, you will see more details are attributed to the “supporters” than the “opponents”. Read them very carefully and do some research. It’s only your money they are spending. Continue reading “Nov 5, 2013…Nine Proposed TEXAS Constitutional Amendments”

2014 Primary Voting; on Principle or a Race Horse?

Two absolute requirements for a healthy republic:
Electing the right people (voting) and keeping watch over those elected (government).

1.) Voting: State and federal officials will be determined (elected) in the March 4, 2014 primaries (not necessarily the November general elections).

2.) Keeping watch over government: Does Sen. John Cornyn, a 12 year U.S. Senator, cease to serve Texans? His most recent display of violation of American sovereignty occurred on August 1st where Sen. Cornyn voted in favor Continue reading “2014 Primary Voting; on Principle or a Race Horse?”

Defund ObamaCare –

obamacare-logo_fullWould it be a surprise to learn that we have one Texas Senator who is championing the fight against the upcoming Obamacare trainwreck and one Senator who is giving false reasons for not supporting the effort and siding with the DC establishment?   Continue reading “Defund ObamaCare –”


The Texas House Committee on Redistricting, Select will hold a public hearing (Thursday in Dallas) on the Texas redistricting plans which if you will recall, were decided in the courts against the will of the Texas Legislature in 2011. Governor Perry called a Special Session of the current 83rd Texas Legislature (can last for 30 days) within hours after the regular 83rd session adjourned sine die last week (May 27th), with specific instructions on the subject to be addressed:

The special session will consider the following issue: Continue reading “PUBLIC HEARING in DALLAS: THURSDAY June 6th @ 2pm”

CALL Gov. Perry – “Add Pro-Life Bills to the Call”

Contact Gov. Perry. Ask him to “add to the call” Protection of pain-capable unborn children from abortion at 20 weeks gestation
Rep Laubenberg filed a bill during the regular session, which was held up in the House Calendars committee, but she has filed the bill again in this the 1st special session… Continue reading “CALL Gov. Perry – “Add Pro-Life Bills to the Call””

CALL Gov. Perry – ask him to VETO SB1 (Budget) and HB 1025 which raids the Rainy Day Fund

Spending Up 26%!
Texas Legislature Takes Wild Left Turn & Spends like there’s No Tomorrow

JoAnn Fleming, Chairman, TX Legislature’s TEA Party Caucus Advisory Committee; Executive Director, Grassroots America
(903) 360-2858
Over the Memorial Day weekend, the GOP-controlled Texas legislature passed appropriation bills and a 2014-2015 budget that combine to increase spending 26%! Continue reading “CALL Gov. Perry – ask him to VETO SB1 (Budget) and HB 1025 which raids the Rainy Day Fund”

“NO” to 26% Increase in State Spending

Your phone calls WORKED! Gov. Perry vetoed SB 346 yesterday (May 25th), but our job is not finished! Please continue to make your voice count…

  1. Urge the House to Reject HB 1025 & SB 1 budget bill
  2. Urge the Governor to Veto if House Passes

See full explanation and contact information at:

IMMEDIATE ACTION: SB 346 – political contributions

Senate Bill 346 requires that any “person or group of persons” making more than $25,000 in so-called “political expenditures” in a calendar year turn over to the government the identities of the sources of all “political contributions” over $1,000 (§ 254.253(a)). This obligation applies unless the group of persons is “labor organization or any subordinate entity or associated account of a labor organization,” in which case there is no obligation to turn supporters’ identities over.

Excluded from this mandate are unions!

If Governor Perry signs SB346, this will lead to enhanced scrutiny of grassroots groups in Texas and their supporters. Supporters’ identities will have to be turned over if the groups are found to have tendered–or agreed to tender–more than $25,000 of value “in connection with” election-related activities in a calendar year, or tendered such value knowing that it could potentially be used “in connection with” such activities.

Governor Rick Perry’s contact info: Phone: (512) 463-2000

BAD Bill Alert…SB 1029 removes local public hearing/county commissioner approval (toll roads)

Below is a cut & paste from Terri Hall ( Read her explanation below – or – go to the bottom of this article for info on what you can do now – TODAY – to stop this bad bill

SB 1029 keeps 5 loopholes in the law that allow the conversion of free lanes into toll lanes, removes public vote Continue reading “BAD Bill Alert…SB 1029 removes local public hearing/county commissioner approval (toll roads)”