Arlington SWAT Raid of Gardeners Raises Questions

968897_590749404282150_303346658_n A 3-acre home in Arlington was recently raided by police for suspicion of growing marijuana.  The 10-hour SWAT operation included: waking the residents out of bed, holding them at gunpoint, handcuffing them, searching through the house and land, cutting down blackberry bushes and other vegetation, and hauling off what the city deemed as trash.  What the raid did not yield however, was any marijuana plants, any marijuana, or any other illegal drugs.   Continue reading “Arlington SWAT Raid of Gardeners Raises Questions”

Generation Joshua

Founded in 2003, the Generation Joshua  youth organization aims to encourage young people to learn about and become involved in government, history, civics and politics.  Generation Joshua seeks to educate students on Continue reading “Generation Joshua”