DFW Area Senator Stops Talking to Taxpayer-Funded Lobbyist

Konni Burton, a first-term state senator representing the Fort Worth area, announced she will not deal with lobbyist who are paid with taxpayer dollars.  She said

Our office is more than willing to meet with any lobbyist regarding issues facing businesses, individuals or trade organizations, just not those who are getting paid with taxpayer dollars, who very well could be pushing policy that is in direct conflict with the will of the people

No one would hire a lobbyist to represent their opponent in a business deal, so it’s not hard to see the conflict involved in the situation.  At a very minimum, it is fiscally irresponsible to have taxpayers pay for it.  Read more on this subject in the article in the Star-Telegram.

Vaccines and Your Health

Who Owns Your Body?   If not you, then you are a slave.

When your health depends on the sanctions permitted by your society and not your independent action, you have no right to your life and are thus a slave to the whims of others.

Choosing to opt-out of vaccinesvaccine_gloves

“Parents who choose not to give measles shots, they’re not just putting their kids at risk, but they’re also putting other kids at risk — especially kids in my waiting room,” the Los Angeles pediatrician said.”

If the vaccine works, then those who choose to vaccinate should be protected – right? Continue reading “Vaccines and Your Health”

Dallas Morning News Bias – February 12, 2014

*CBO: ‘Large and growing’ federal debt leading toward ‘fiscal crisis’
(You don’t need to know this. Party on! YOLO!)
*Stock market’s track eerily similar to 1929
(You don’t need to know this. The News’ “Goofy Will” Deener is much more reliable.)
*White House transforms tent to Monet masterpiece for Hollande State Dinner
(Yeah, the digs inside The White House were simply inadequate. What the hell, Ms. Miche and The Dictator weren’t paying for it. Oh, and check out the menu below — then recall, Miche has school kids eating cardboard croquettes and carrot chips. … The News, of course, in an effort to highlight “income inequality,” could’ve detailed this Hollywood-laden bash. But they didn’t.)
*Americans find stonewall on whether NSA vacuumed their data
*Western Maryland residents ready to form own state Continue reading “Dallas Morning News Bias – February 12, 2014”

Empower Texans Newsletter – February 9, 2013

QUOTING…  “A political party cannot be all things to all people. It must represent certain fundamental beliefs which must not be compromised to political expediency or simply to swell its numbers.” — Ronald Reagan

A week from Tuesday early voting will begin for the March primary election. Every election is important ss an opportunity for us to determine which candidates will be trusted with the discrete, limited powers for their particular position. More importantly, it is a reaffirmation of the principles of self-governance for which our founding fathers gave their “lives, fortunes and sacred honor.”

We must not allow ourselves to be swayed by the cults of personality that politics so often creates. As John Quincy Adams once said, “Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.”

Several items from the week follow for your review, but let me remind you that the Empower Texans PAC will be hosting a statewide teletownhall with our endorsed candidates for Lieutenant Governor (Dan Patrick) and Attorney General (Ken Paxton). This will be an opportunity to ask them about the issues facing the state and about their campaigns.

If your schedule permits, you can listen live on the webstream, and dial-in toll-free to ask questions and offer comments.

For Texas,
Michael Quinn Sullivan
& the EmpowerTexans.com Team

Worse Than Wendy?! Continue reading “Empower Texans Newsletter – February 9, 2013”

Dallas Morning News Bias – February 11, 2014

Democrats’ Troubling View On Work
*Ohio National Guard trains for ‘terror’ from 2nd Amendment backers
(A real threat, right?? Good grief.)
*Feds study pizza consumption
(Another threat!!!)
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*Health law delayed again, AP, p. 1A – What law? Continue reading “Dallas Morning News Bias – February 11, 2014”

Dallas Morning News Bias – January 30, 2014

*Holder can’t explain Constitutional basis for Obama’s executive orders
*Republicans oppose Obama acting alone
*Obama’s consumer bureau mining hundreds of millions of credit card accounts
(For the “little guy,” of course!)
*Holder to issue new media guidelines
(Listen up, lapdogs!)
*Obama’s State of the Union draws 33 million viewers; lowest mark since Clinton in 2000

Dallas Morning News Bias – February 10, 2014

*The Hillary Papers: friend’s archives show “ruthless” First Lady who backed single-payer health care
(Editor Bob Mong: BOR-ing!)
*Muslims slit throat of Christian man in Central African Republic
(The News just ran a story and pic ‘bout a Muslim being attacked – but not this.)
*NAACP instructs anti-voter ID protesters to bring photo ID
(Not irony The News appreciates.)

Dallas Morning News Bias – February 9, 2014

In Saturday’s glowing profile of Jose Angel Gutierrez, Ms. Mercedes Olivera failed to note that Gutierrez has advocated the killing of “gringos” and has close ties with groups who call for the establishment of the realm of Aztlan, which eradicates the U.S./Mexico border, effectively overthrowing the United States government. In fact, Gutierrez does not appear to recognize the U.S./Mexico border, even now. This is the very definition of radical thought, yet we somehow portrayed this subversive as a fine role model for Chicano youth. We regret the omissions.
*AIDS patients in Obamacare limbo with insurers
*Gallup: Obama approval slips to 39 percent

Dallas Morning News Bias – February 8, 2014

*‘Duck Dynasty’ firm, speedway sign deal, p. 1B – “Texas Motor Speedway is courting controversy again” proclaims The News’ 1A teaser. Why is it only controversial” when NOT toeing the Left’s line on homosexual “marriage?” It’s never “controversial” at The News for two men to get married.
*Liked old health plan? You may get to keep it 3 years, AP, p. 11A – Aw, you can do better than this, DMN. Dear Leader announces, quite illegallyanother politically-expedient change to his law — and it gets a single, spine-hugging column, below-the-fold, complete with smart-assed headine? … Not noted here: this three-year extension“of the president’s decision” to let people keep their policies, will get Dems past not only the mid-terms, but the next presidential election. Why leave that out, AP?
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*Plano men at center of [homosexual] ‘marriage’ case, p. 1A – Whad-I tell ya’? Missing here: Plano men suing Texas to get married are courting controversy.
*Consumers can switch health plans, WashPo, p. 9A – More changes from On High, from our Central  Planner-in-Chief!! And WashPo reports it as benignly as minutes from a Wylie City Council meeting. … (Reporting like this, friends, gets us used to the idea of having a dictator.)