Contact List – Senate – Texas 84th

Contact list for the Senate of the Texas 84th legislative session (2015)

Sen. Bettencourt, 463-0107Education, Finance, Higher Education, Intergovernmental,
Sen. Birdwell, 463-0122Natural Resources, Nominations, State Affairs, Veteran Affairs, Border Security@SenatorBirdwell
Sen. Burton, 463-0110Criminal Justice, Higher Education, Nominations, Veteran Affairs@KonniBurton
Sen. Campbell, 463-0125Admin, Education, Health, Intergovernmental, Veteran Affairs@DonnaCampbellTX
Sen. Creighton, 463-0104Agriculture, Business, Criminal Justice, State Affairs, @SenCreighton
Sen. Ellis, 463-0113Business, State Affairs, Transportation, @rodneyellis
Sen. Eltife, 463-0101Admin, Business, Finance,
Sen. Estes, 463-0130Health, Natural Resources, Nominations, State Affairs, @EstesForTexas
Sen. Fraser, 463-0124Natural Resources, Nominations, State Affairs, Transportation,
Sen. Garcia, Sylvia 463-0106Education, Intergovernmental, Transportation, Veteran Affairs@SenatorSylvia
Sen. Hall, 463-0102Agriculture, Natural Resources, Transportation, Veteran Affairs, Border Security
Sen. Hancock, 463-0109Admin, Finance, Natural Resources, Transportation, @KHancock4TX
Sen. Hinojosa, Juan “Chuy” 463-0120Agriculture, Criminal Justice, Finance, Natural Resources, @TxChuy
Sen. Huffines, 463-0116Admin, Business, Education, Transportation, @DonHuffines
Sen. Huffman, 463-0117Criminal Justice, Finance, State Affairs, @joanhuffman
Sen. Kolkhorst, Lois 463-0118Agriculture, Education, Finance, Health, Transportation, @loiskolkhorst
Sen. Lucio, Eddie, 463-0127Education, Intergovernmental, Natural Resources, Veteran Affairs, Border Security@SenatorLucio
Sen. Nelson, 463-0112Finance, State Affairs, @SenJaneNelson
Sen. Nichols, 463-0103Finance, Intergovernmental, Natural Resources, Transportation,
Sen. Perry, CharlesE1.810(512) 463-0128Agriculture, Criminal Justice, Health, Higher Education, @electcharles
Sen. Rodríguez, José 463-0129Agriculture, Education, Health, Nominations, Veteran Affairs@Josefortexas
Sen. Schwertner, 463-0105Admin, Business, Finance, Health, State Affairs, @DrSchwertner
Sen. Seliger, 463-0131Business, Education, Finance, Higher Education, Natural Resources, @kseliger
Sen. Taylor, 463-0111Business,Education, Finance, Intergovernmental, @Taylor4Senate
Sen. Taylor, VanE1.708(512) 463-0108Education, Health, Nominations, Transportation, @VanTaylorTX
Sen. Uresti, 463-0119Admin, Finance, Health, Natural Resources, @CarlosUresti
Sen. Van de Putte, 463-0126Criminal Justice, Higher Education, Intergovernmental, @leticiavdp
Sen. Watson, 463-0114Business, Finance, Higher Education, Nominations, @KirkPWatson
Sen. West, 463-0123Admin, Education, Finance, Higher Education, @SenRoyceWest
Sen. Whitmire, 463-0115Business, Criminal Justice, Finance, @whitmire_john
Sen. Zaffirini, 463-0121Agriculture, Health, Natural Resources, State Affairs, @JudithZaffirini


Two Gun Nullification Bills Filed Today by DFW Representatives

Two DFW area representatives filed strong second-amendment protection bills today:

Matt Krause, (R-Ft. Worth) filed House Bill 422 (HB422).  This bill would require that Texas refuse to enforce almost all federal gun control measures enacted at anytime – past, present or future.

Craig Goldman (R-Ft. Worth) filed House Bill 413 (HB413).  This bill declares all federal restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms to be “invalid” and “not enforceable” within the state of Texas.

These bills will need strong grassroots support to pass.

read more at:


A Coincidence? 3 of 5 Pledge Letters are Identical

When the 84th Texas House of Representatives opens for business at noon on Tuesday Straus_3January 13, 2015 the first order of business will be to elect one member (out of 150 members) to serve as the presiding officer of the Texas House; the House Speaker (a.k.a. the gatekeeper of legislation to be passed). A simple majority vote is required (76 of the 150 members).

Is it a coincidence that within the past week, 42 of the 98 Turner_1Republicans in the House have signed pledge letters to vote for 3-term incumbent Rep. Joe Straus as Speaker and not for Rep. Scott Turner? Turner announced his intent to run for Speaker against the incumbent Straus this summer. One could suppose these recent pledge letters are a coincidence.

But how much of a coincidence could it be that three of five pledge letters have identical sentences in the publicly released statements…: Continue reading “A Coincidence? 3 of 5 Pledge Letters are Identical”