Through education and active civic participation, restore limited government that benefits all and shows preference to none.


  1. Our governments derive their limited powers from ‘we the people’ for the purpose of protecting the individual’s life, liberty, and property and for the defense from foreign invasion.
  2. Each government entity shall practice fiscal responsibility and accountability.
  3. Individuals are responsible for the actions of the elected officials and therefore must be informed and involved.


  1. Instruct and nurture an increasing number of people how to communicate with Texas elected officials.
  2. Provide Instruction and guidance on how to watch over Texas elected officials (and not rely on newsletters or media).
  3. Lobby for good legislation and against bad legislation.
  4. Encourage and develop citizen statesmen to serve local, county, and state offices.


Bill researchers review and create analysis, white papers and talking points for important bills dealing with Rule of Law, Education, Budget & Finance, Election Code, Transportation, Immigration, and Health & Human Services. The information generated will be used by the citizen lobbyists and citizen communicators in promoting the passage of good bills and preventing passage of bad bills.

Citizen lobbyists will travel to Austin periodically, to meet with staff and Legislators to support good legislation and oppose bad legislation.  We will provide training and support, and will travel in groups so that everyone will be comfortable and effective.

Citizen communicators will contribute to the lobbying effort by writing emails, postcards, making phone calls, and using social media to influence legislators.  Communications will also be directed to NTCL members as well as un-involved citizens in and around the metroplex to pass on important information related to NTCL and encourage participation in our government.