Term Limits? A republic if you can keep it.

If your political involvement supports term limits in this country, then you’re able to grasp this…

Let’s take Congress as an example:
Term limits would extend the Lame Duck Session from 2 months to 2 years in the House, and from 2 months to 6 years in the Senate.

Lame Duck session means the 2 months from November elections (even numbered years) to January when the newly elected Congress is seated. Those congressmen that lost their re-election bid in November still vote on matters from November to January (2 months). These congressmen are not held accountable to their constituents during this time because they have nothing to lose if they vote against their district, thus the absence of accountability to voters. This provides fertile ground for congressmen to pay back the lobbyist who can help them secure future endeavors, and many do.

In the House, that means that a Representative serving their last term (2 years) has little concern in defending his voting record in during these 2 years.  He has 2 years to vote for his personal benefit.

In the Senate, that means a Senator serving their last term (6 years) has less concern in defending his voting record in these 6 years.  He has 6 years to vote for his personal benefit after his term is over.  Not to mention that at any point in time 1/3 of the U.S. Senate will be serving their 6 year Lame Duck session.

If there is no concern for re-election by constituents, the congressman will be looking out for his backside and his future.

The Real Solution
The answer to term limits is an educated and informed voter, but not the voter that relies on government controlled media for information. We have learned that an un-informed voter (majority of those who vote) will elect the candidate that has the most yard signs, TV ads, and endorsements from the Establishment.  How do we know this?  Texas re-elected every incumbent (both Democrat and Republican) to Congress, yet Congress has an approval rating around 15%.

The Founders tried term limits in our first constitution (The Articles of Confederation). They realized their mistake. When they drafted our 2nd Constitution in 1787, they purposefully omitted term limits.

In a republic We the People are tasked with limiting the terms of our government. What was it Ben Franklin said to the woman upon his exit from the 1787 Constitutional Convention, when she asked what type of government the constitutional convention had drafted?  Franklin replied – A republic, if you can keep it.  We are at the end of the “if you can keep it” stage.  The globalists are counting on us to adopt term limits, from the local dog catcher all the way up to Congress.  Because if the deep pockets can keep control of who our candidates are through the government controlled media and the ill-informed voter, it won’t matter if they put up a choice between Hitler or Stalin, they win either way.

The only way to elect a republican form of government is to know what that is supposed to look like.  It means 50% plus 1 voters that vote must understand the 34 page U.S. Constitution.  The solution is in our hands, to educate ourselves and our neighbors.  Here’s one way; start with a proven living room constitution study group.  A good template with all the tools a facilitator needs is just $30 at The Constitution is the Solution.  Six class-lecture set comes with a CD that includes an instruction manual and lecture guides with talking points and study questions (with answers) for personal study or to help you lead a successful workshop series in your living room.  Invite a couple of neighbors over, serve coffee and cookies, and insert one DVD for 1 hour of education.

Our republic depends on an educated citizenry.  Are we educated enough to keep it?

Texas Primaries are where the 2 establishment parties control government. Early voting begins February 20th.

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