2017 in Review; Three ConCon bills Passed in Texas

[HINT: you have to read the bills to know what’s being done to you]

Here’s a Review of the 3 Article V Convention bills passed in the
Texas 85th Legislature (2017)

[you may have been deceived, again]

Governor Abbott and proponents of amending the U.S. Constitution tend to confuse the People and Legislators when promoting a ConCon.  Whether intentional or not, the results of proposed amendments could be both drastic and unintentional as one can see in this video.

Whether one is liberal, conservative, or something in between, it is undisputed that all political factions will have their say in proposed amendments; meaning all amendments will be a grand scheme of negotiations to receive necessary votes to make it out of an Article V convention.
Just imagine how long a national convention could last with lawyers from more than 33 states battling to have their name recorded in history, along with Washington, Madison, and Hamilton.

Three questions to be answered before supporting an Article V convention:

1.) Who stands to gain by amending a document that doesn’t enforce itself? …. Who stands to lose?

If words on paper could control a tyrant, wouldn’t that have occurred by now?

2.) If Article V is the solution to a  government that violates their governing guidepost, then why not amend the Ten Commandments to bring wayward Christians into compliance?

3.) How awkward is it that the top ranking Republican in Texas (Governor Abbott) admits thatThe U.S. Constitution itself is not broken”? ¹  So amending it isn’t the answer, but 113 of 115 Republican legislators bowed to Abbott’s legislative orders to gain his favor, anyway.

If that doesn’t grab your attention,  Gov. Abbott wants to change the 10th Amendment!  [AUDIO of Abbott on Glen Beck]

You be the judge.
Are these 3 ConCon bills
good for you?



  • Article VI holds the solution to a tyrant in America. #Article6not5 .
  • Enforce the current constitution – first – then see what America looks like.

¹ “The Constitution itself is not broken. What is broken is our Nation’s willingness to obey the Constitution and to hold our leaders accountable to it.” [Texas Plan] https://www.gregabbott.com/texasplan/

3 thoughts on “2017 in Review; Three ConCon bills Passed in Texas”

  1. You are an idiot! This is not a “constitutional convention”. It is an opportunity to legislate specific issues by like-minded states.

    1. Mark,
      A national convention to propose amendments under Article V is not a legislative body.

      All due respect, but an idiot might not understand the definition of a constitutional convention.
      Black’s Law Dictionary, the definitive legal lexicon in American law, defines the term “constitutional convention” this way…
      “A duly constituted assembly of delegates or representatives of the people of a state or nation for the purpose of framing, revising, or amending its constitution.”
      Some law dictionaries use Article V as an example of a constitutional convention. Check it out.

    2. Mark,
      You may wish to read the bills as originally proposed by Sen. Bridwell and Rep Phil King, both of Texas. They both defined the convention as a “constitutional convention” in the 84th session.

      It was after the COS special interest PAC convinced them to amend the bills and replace the term with “convention called under Article V” because knowledge was growing that the last constitutional convention threw out the old constitution (Articles of Confederation) and drafted a new constitution which granted greater power to the federal body than that of the Articles of Confederation.


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