The Desire for Restoring Limited Government

trumpclintonpicIn a big surprise that almost no one predicted, Donald Trump bested Hillary Clinton as the nation’s pick for president.  This has upset a whole slew of people who are now left wondering what kind of bad things the new president will do when he enters office.

What will he do as the most powerful person on the planet?

That question is on the minds of nearly half the nation.  People are fearful that he might do something bad, something they don’t approve of, something that could affect them in negative ways.

The same question was on the minds of the other half of the nation just 8 years ago when Barack Obama was elected.  

The President of the US has more power than any other human on planet Earth.  He has the power to destroy or prop up entire segments of the economy.  He has the power to lock entire groups of people up.  He has too much power.  This is a dangerous situation, and it wasn’t supposed to be this way.  The US government was designed to be a limited government.  Each branch was to be kept in check by the other branches, in order to keep them within the boundaries of the US Constitution.

The North Texas Citizens Lobby mission statement is “Through education and active civic participation, restore limited government that benefits all and shows preference to none.”  Our goal is to restore the balance of government as intended by the founders so that no group would be fearful of a US Presidents power.  No US President should have the power to affect a citizen’s life in any meaningful way!

If you are concerned about the excessive size and scope of our government and see the value of a limited government, working with NTCL to make your voice heard can benefit you.  Read about the NTCL principles and then use the NTCL contact page to let us know you would like to be on a grassroots team that takes action to restoring limited government.

2 thoughts on “The Desire for Restoring Limited Government”

  1. AMEN, Brian. You said…”No US President should have the power to affect a citizen’s life in any meaningful way!” The POTUS has very few powers listed in the Constitution. Congress, on the other hand, has the most of the 3 branches. They are actually the most powerful, being that they can impeach the POTUS and fire the SCOTUS for bad behavior. But, low voter IQ is sending the Texas congress back to DC in January. I guess it’s because we like socialists.

  2. Winston Churchill quote: Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.

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