“We want to Amend the Constitution. You, just want to do Nothing!”

Craig Anderson, KWEL radio in Midland, TX (AM 1070 / FM 107.1) interviews Barbara Harless, on such questions:
Will Congress follow a new Constitution if they violate the current one?
A Balanced Budget Amendment – Why not?
How long will a con con last?
Who will Chair a con con?
What can Texas do then, when DC violates their Oath?…


3 thoughts on ““We want to Amend the Constitution. You, just want to do Nothing!””

  1. I agree. A Convention of the States to fix the problem of federal over reach concerns with additional Amendments (also not likely to be enforced) to the Constitution is not a good idea. There are already 27 Amendments to the U.S. Constitution and to date, none have stopped any federal over reach. The real problem seems to be a lack of enforcement and Elected Representatives who have little to no commitment to Conservative Principles, weak Character and Wisdom !

  2. So what is the alternative then? Nullification is the only other alternative I’ve heard suggested, which almost caused a civil war the last time it was significantly tried (South Carolina over the tariff of abominations) and nullification is what we criticize in the sanctuary cities.

    So a con-con, as bad as it sounds, is the only non-violent solution. Unless ya’ll want to pick up guns and start fighting the people who are violating the constitution (i.e. Justices Kennedy, Hagan, etc.), there really is no other peaceful solution except Article V (since Congress won’t pass any amendments).

    And hey, if the convention goes astray, then you still have that same recourse.

  3. Craig Anderson is awesome! I used to work with him and I can tell you that he is very conservative, very fair and fair balanced. He, truly, cares about Texas and its citizens.

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