Sen. Van Taylor’s Ethics Reform bill – TRASHED in the House

Tuesday May 27th the Texas House of Representatives came out showing their true colors by effectively killing Sen. Van Taylor’s bill to increase transparency of government officials and terminate conflicts of interest.

SB 19 by Van Taylor was passed unanimously in the senate (April 28) but is being gutted and used to further shield government actions from public eyes over in the House of Representatives, under the leadership of Speaker Joe Straus.

In the House, Straus referred the bill to the House State Affairs committee, chaired by his faithful lieutenant Rep. Byron Cook. In committee, another Straus lieutenant – Rep. Charlie Geren -offered a committee substitute that was so diametrically opposite of the original bill that the bill caption had to be changed. The Straus anointed committee adopted and passed Geren’s Nazi-version of SB 19 without a single “nay” vote (10-0)

SB 19 in its current form in the House looks nothing like the bill Sen. Van Taylor authored and passed unanimously in the senate.

Today (Wednesday) the House will vote on final passage of SB 19. This watchdog highly recommends you watch what your Rep will do:

See Sen. Van Taylor’s press release for more information: (scroll down)

If your House Rep votes “for” this Nazi-version of ethics reform, fire them in the March 2016 primary!

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  1. Is anyone really surprised by the actions of wanna be democrats Tan Parker and Ron Simmons? Has anyone tried to check out Tan Parker’s true name? Just asking~

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