Texas already has Pre-K public education for the “Disadvantaged”

If only the average Texan had the time to read the entire Education Code, the average Texan would understand all the current options available to the so-called “disadvantaged” urban School-Voucherschildren.

This blogger just found part of the Education Code that already allows for public Pre-K  (government day-care) for “disadvantaged” children as young as 3 years of age.
Sec. 29.153. FREE PREKINDERGARTEN FOR CERTAIN CHILDREN, allows for public “daycare” for children satisfying any of these requirements:
1. Unable to speak and comprehend the English language
2. Educationally disadvantaged
3. Homeless child
4. Child of an active duty member of the armed forces
5. Child of an active duty member of the armed forces killed in action
6. Is or ever has been in the conservatorship of the Department of Family and Protective Services

The Texas Ed Code further states:

“Each school district shall develop a system to notify the population in the district with children who are eligible for enrollment in a prekindergarten class under this section of the availability of the class. The system must include public notices issued in English and Spanish.”

This week, yet another bill will be heard in the Senate committee on Education that pretends to improve the public schools for the inner-city disadvantaged child by forcing public funds on private schools – SB 1513 by Sen. Hancock.
This is a horrible bill!   Not only does it reinvent the Ed Code and force public funds on the private schools, but it is discriminatory, just like the current Ed Code, and further restricts who can access government day-care for 3 & 4 year olds.

SB 1513 discriminates against smaller urban districts and against rural districts by limiting vouchers to students whose district  qualifies within this criterion:
(A) wholly located in a county with a population of more than 2.3 million; and
(B) has a student population that is more than 27,000 and less than 31,000.

Talk about reverse discrimination and taxation without representation.

WHEN will Texans find the time to read what’s in the Education Code to understand their current options?  Our Austin legislators are attempting to lessen the education choices for parents by forcing the destructive government programs on the private schools along with the government money.   Government has a fiduciary duty to oversee the expenditures of the People’s taxes which means that the destructive government programs that have ruined the government schools will soon destroy the affordable private school program too.  If private schools are doing a better job, government should copy their model, not force a destructive model onto the successful model.  That is, assuming government is truly concerned about all children.

Contact the Texas Senate Committee on Education, and tell them “NO” to SB 1513 by Sen. Kelly Hancock.

Chair: Sen. Larry Taylor 512-463-0111
Vice Chair: Sen. Eddie Lucio, Jr. 512-463-0127
Sen. Paul Bettencourt 512-463-0107
Sen. Donna Campbell 512-463-0125
Sen. Sylvia Garcia 512-463-0106
Sen. Don Huffines 512-463-0116
Sen. Lois W. Kolkhorst 512-463-0118
Sen. José R. Rodríguez 512-463-0129
Sen. Kel Seliger 512-463-0131
Sen. Van Taylor 512-463-0108
Sen. Royce West 512-463-0123


2 thoughts on “Texas already has Pre-K public education for the “Disadvantaged””

  1. Hola ! I was a first grade teacher for many years; and my experience is that ALL children MUST get pre-K training.

    Perhaps the misunderstanding is on what should pre-k level should do on children.

    The three (3) stages of early childhood are the most important learning periods in the development of a human. During this period in life, a child MUST develop a lot of knowledge, control over his body, socialize, etc. It is the most important part of education.

    I was a first grade school teacher in Mexico City for 18 yrs; and within the first week, I could easily pinpoint which child had had kindergarten training; and who did not. Children who had the kindergarten early childhood development training were more ready to the teaching-learning process.

    Of course, pre-K teachers need to be trained to achieve the highest development point of any children.

    I oppose that only disadvantage children should get early childhood development. A lot can be accomplish to better later years education if ALL Texas children get pre-K instruction & development.

    Thank You

  2. Maria, Thank you for your insight as a teacher!
    I do not question that many parents do not offer what I perceive to be proper direction and parenting. However, the government has never been able to legislate my neighbor to live up to my moral standards, my common sense, or my intelligence. Neither have the government schools. As long as a child is not harmed physically, I do not support the state interfering with parental rights and by that I mean the gradual lowering of the mandatory school age. I may be accused of fear mongering but, kindergarten was uncommon several years ago and is now mandated in many districts. There are several reasons government would like to take control of children at younger and younger ages, none of which have to do with cultivating the mind with academics.

    Maria, the method upon which I might consider private school vouchers is a method where the money NEVER touches a government coffer, directly or indirectly. I do not support increasing ANY accountability of a private school to the state beyond the current requirements. It’s called private school because it is not government school.

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