NULLIFICATION bill-Texas Balance of Power Act

Rep. Dan Flynn (Canton), has authored legislation to create the Joint Legislative Committee on Nullification (HB 98). A gold star goes to Flynn!

The Chair of the House Select Committee on State & Federal Power & Responsibility has joint authored the bill, Rep. Phil King (Weatherford), which merits a gold star as well, because it will be Rep. King’s committee that will hear HB 98, and hopefully vote out of committee – soon – to allow ample time for the bill to receive a vote before the full House, and then proceed on to the Senate for a similar process.

Call your House Rep. and ask him/her to Co-Author HB 98.
Here’s an analysis of HB 98:

Texas Balance of Powers Act.

  1.  Creating a 14 member JOINT LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE ON NULLIFICATION. to review unconstitutional federal actions
  2.  The fourteen (14) member Jt. Cmttee. on Nullification to be formed 30 days after the effective date of the Texas Balance of Powers Act (HB 98), and shall be composed of:
  • Speaker of the House (Joint Chairman)
  • Lt. Governor (Joint Chairman)
  • six members of the house of representatives appointed by the speaker of the house
  •  six members of the senate appointed by the lieutenant governor
  •  No more than 8 (of 14) members may be of the same political party

Other items in HB 98 address the joint committee:

• Jt. Committee shall meet at the call of either joint chair
• Simple majority of committee is a quorum
• Jt. Cmttee. must vote within 6 months after committee hearing on a federal action
• Jt. Cmttee. vote must consist of 14 cmttee members, and requires simple majority to pass
• The Jt Cmttee must first pass legislation before the full legislature may consider a vote to nullify such action, with a simple majority of each chamber to nullify federal actions

Call your House Rep. and ask him/her to Co-Author HB 98.

The more authors a bill has – the better chance of passage.  Please support the 10th Amendment and the power of the states to nullify unconstitutional federal actions.  Your actions are affecting my family.

-Barbara Harless