3 thoughts on “sample post directed to legislators”

  1. I think the first entry for this newsletter should be encouragement for the legislator’s to get behind Representative Scott Turner and make sure Scott Turner becomes the Speaker of the House for the upcoming Legislative Session.

  2. The second item for the newsletter is to request and encourage the legislators to join the several other states in calling for a “States Amendment Convention”. Not to adopt the amendments as documented in Mark Levin’s book “The Liberty Amendments” but to use that as a boilerplate for what type of amendments are needed. It is up to the members each state sends to the States Amendment Convention to develop number of amendments needed, the wording of each amendment, and to attain agreement by those 2/3 states.

  3. Wicacotx – you’re not in the minority by asking to amend the constitution. The effort is highly popular with the progressives (those believing that our constitution created a democracy). There’s nothing wrong with the constitution we have (except the 16th Amendment). What’s wrong is the people who don’t know what’s in it. Changing the constitution won’t fix the people.

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