Dallas Morning News Bias – February 12, 2014

*CBO: ‘Large and growing’ federal debt leading toward ‘fiscal crisis’
(You don’t need to know this. Party on! YOLO!)
*Stock market’s track eerily similar to 1929
(You don’t need to know this. The News’ “Goofy Will” Deener is much more reliable.)
*White House transforms tent to Monet masterpiece for Hollande State Dinner
(Yeah, the digs inside The White House were simply inadequate. What the hell, Ms. Miche and The Dictator weren’t paying for it. Oh, and check out the menu below — then recall, Miche has school kids eating cardboard croquettes and carrot chips. … The News, of course, in an effort to highlight “income inequality,” could’ve detailed this Hollywood-laden bash. But they didn’t.)
*Americans find stonewall on whether NSA vacuumed their data
*Western Maryland residents ready to form own state
(It’s not just ‘stupid’ Texans, DMN. See Colorado, too.)
*Survey: U.S. press freedom suffers under Obama
(And Truth suffers in The News’ circulation area.)
*‘Homeland’ department makes big purchase of deadly ‘Zombie Max’ ammo
(Don’t forget, DHS has purchased about 2 billion rounds of ammo in recent months, the majority of which were the expensivehollow-point variety — unsuitable for training. But don’t worry, at The News, if you worry about such things, you’re a nut. And nuts shouldn’t own guns, you know!)
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*House approves raising debt ceiling, NYT, p. 1A – That’s it for Benedict Boehner, Cantor and the rest of this Clown Brigade. They’re done. ‘Course, The Times calls this instead, the end of “three years of brinksmanship in which the threat of a devastating default on the nation’s debt was used to wring conservative concessions from [Dictator Barry].” (There was never a default danger. That’s a lie.) And The News’ subhead calls the 178 Republicans who voted against Benedict and 27 other RINOS “hardliners.” Hahahahahahahahhahaha! That’s too much. (Ever seen The News call Dictator Barry and his Marxist party “hardliners?” No. You haven’t.) The Times later boasts Boehner has now “ended a three-year tea party-inspired era of budget showdowns …” Gee, guess we’ll see about that.
*Yellen defends Fed policy as markets rally, AP, p. 1A – Wow, the first female Fed Chair in its 100-year history. So I guess we can’t criticize her either. … Isn’t it great? This new elitist rube, Yellen, says the magic words – We’re gonna keep printing fake money! – and the market “soars” and AP swoons! (Her performance “worked!” it sez here.) … Ever wonder why I hammer The News so much for rah-rahing the “improved” housing market? This is why. It’s all artificial, kept afloat by thesepreposterous, unprecedented Fed actions. Yellen even boasted yesterday how this massive, unsustainable crutch had boosted the housing market. It’s now standard operating procedure for our economy – and it’s reported as such.
*Task force on [Dallas] poverty launched, p. 1B – Ooooo, a poverty task force! You go, Mayor “Flintstone!” … So how much will this cost? DMN Dem scribe Scott Goldstein doesn’t say. (Doesn’t matter.) So did the millions raised when “Flintstone” was Big D’s “homeless czar” fix any of this? Story doesn’t say. (Doesn’t matter.)
*[Homosexual] teen earns Scouts’ top rank, AP, p. 9A – Isn’t that wonderful? How ‘bout a Three Cheers letter real soon?
*Just one more challenge [for homosexual football player], NYT, p. 8C – So now they go after Sam’s parents, cuz they obviously don’t “get” homosexuality? Pathetic. … BTW, will The News be running daily updates on this riveting story? (See below, its recent cavalcade of hysterical coverage. Congrats to Cowlishaw, Sherrington and sports writers across America who finally got to publish their In-Your-Face-America-We-Dare-You-To-Say-The-Wrong-Thing columns — written years ago and lovingly stored away.)


Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.