Dallas Morning News Bias – February 11, 2014

Democrats’ Troubling View On Work
*Ohio National Guard trains for ‘terror’ from 2nd Amendment backers
(A real threat, right?? Good grief.)
*Feds study pizza consumption
(Another threat!!!)
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*Health law delayed again, AP, p. 1A – What law? This isn’t alaw, folks – it’s an idea, a toy with which Dictator Barry may amuse himself, like all other U.S. law. (He chirped yesterday, “I can do whatever I want,” though it didn’t make The News.) TheDictator is now obviously going for chaos and more chaos. Nobusiness can keep up with these changes. … Here, scribe Alonso-Zaldivar — AP’s devoted Obamacare mid-wife for years — says don’t fret that our Dictator may be overstepping his bounds. Al-Zal checked it out and found: “Administrative officials and the law’s supporters” said this is done “all the time,” and “The Treasury department said Secretary Jack Lew was well within his legal authority in making the changes.” Well, then! That’s cleared up! LOL. For the record, “administration officials” and “the Treasury department” WORK for Dictator Barry. … Not noted in today’s DMN: This latest change, like previous ones, violates the direct text of this law.
*Same-sex legal benefits are officially in place, McClatchy, p. 4A – So there!! They’re “officially” in place. Not legally — just“officially.” Much cleaner, less hassle. It’s the new Amerikan way!
*Housing sales slip in D-FW, p. 1A – DMN Dem scribe and real-estate cheerleader Steve Brown reports it’s “probably” the “winter weather.” (That was also a culprit in yesterday’s 2014 Will Now Suck story.) Makes sense, right? We never get “winter weather” in January. … (Note: cold weather doesn’t explain the record-low January supply of homes for sale.)


Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.