Dallas Morning News Bias – January 30, 2014

*Holder can’t explain Constitutional basis for Obama’s executive orders
*Republicans oppose Obama acting alone
*Obama’s consumer bureau mining hundreds of millions of credit card accounts
(For the “little guy,” of course!)
*Holder to issue new media guidelines
(Listen up, lapdogs!)
*Obama’s State of the Union draws 33 million viewers; lowest mark since Clinton in 2000
*FoxNews dominates State of the Union cable ratings
(CNN/MSNBC thrashed.)
*Now known: Obama’s high school pot-dealer was beaten to death by homosexual lover
(Now there’s a headline we’ve not seen for a U.S. prez!)
*The Imperial Presidency of Barack Obama, by Ted Cruz
(Texas’ first Hispanic U.S. Senator!)
*GOP headed for suicide,’ by Ann Coulter
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*State of the Union follow-up, fallout; Tease box, p. 1A – Oh, good. The GOP responses, perhaps? No way. Not a word.
*Obama signs ‘myRA’ order, AP, p. 8A – Dear Leader writes a new banking law! Bammo! Done! And like all good leftist dictators, he claims “it’s about the basic security and dignity” of the“workers.” (AP is not the least bit alarmed.) Missing context: executive orders may not be used to invent/write new law; Karl Marx, Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez all claimed to be protecting “human dignity.” (Oh, yes they did.)
*Voters learn of possible ID issue, p. 1A – The DMN opposes voter ID laws. Therefore, the slightest hint of problems makes the front-page. Here, DMN Dem scribe Tom Benning manufactures this: though none of last November’s name-change “hiccups” prevented anyone from voting, the fact that Dallas Co. has now sent out letters to clear up future “hiccups” means a new voter-ID “issue” has cropped up. Benning goes on to claim the “minute of two” spent clearing up still-missed clerical errors on election day “could frustrate voters.” (And, see? Here’s a pic of frustrated-looking voters standing in a line — probably due to voter ID!!!) … Again, totally manufactured BS.
*[Texas school finance] Gap called still wide, p. 3A – Yes, by a “witness,” according to the sub-head. The “witness” is the left-wingy Wayne Pierce of the left-wingy Equity Center, though neither are labeled. … No opposing view is offered anywhere here and none of Pierce’s facts are challenged. (Like a lib preacher once told me, “There isn’t another side.”) See below some interesting history on Pierce’s figures. … As usual, DMN Dem scribe “Lib Putz” Stutz doesn’t reveal Judge John Deitz’ Dem-Party affiliation.
*We’ve been together 25 years today, you and me; Steve Blow column, p. 1B – Congrats, “Fretful Stevie!” That’s a lotta lib propaganda!


Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.