Dallas Morning News Bias – February 9, 2014

In Saturday’s glowing profile of Jose Angel Gutierrez, Ms. Mercedes Olivera failed to note that Gutierrez has advocated the killing of “gringos” and has close ties with groups who call for the establishment of the realm of Aztlan, which eradicates the U.S./Mexico border, effectively overthrowing the United States government. In fact, Gutierrez does not appear to recognize the U.S./Mexico border, even now. This is the very definition of radical thought, yet we somehow portrayed this subversive as a fine role model for Chicano youth. We regret the omissions.
*AIDS patients in Obamacare limbo with insurers
*Gallup: Obama approval slips to 39 percent
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*Same-sex couples get additional protections, McClatchy/WashPo/AP, p. 1A – Great! Meanwhile, Iranian warships are headed close to U.S. borders for the first time ever – and that’s a News Digest item on 16A. …Reminder: The mainstream media never consider the U.S.’s official embrace of homosexuality a potential recruiting tool for Islamist terror groups. But that’s one of their main arguments for closing Gitmo.
*Egyptian jihadists heeding the call, NYT, p. 16A – Missing context: Dear Leader Obama and his Regime opposed Morsi’s ouster too – just like these jihadists! (But you don’t need to be reminded of that. Might make you think badly of our prez.) In fact, The Times here makes it sound like Egypt’s terrorist-fighting military government was put in place by “the West.” Just the opposite is true. … Dear Leader fantastically claims Morsi represents democracy – but there’s nothing democratic about Fascist sharia law.
*One little ad, so much to detest, Blow column, p. 1B – As the biggest liar in modern U.S. presidential history carries out the most divisive agenda in modern U.S. history, “Fretful Stevie” Blow has his shorts terribly wadded over a single conservative radio ad. And, of course, though he claims to be against ALL ads “pitting Americans against each other,” it took THIS one (it bad-mouths Dear Leader!) to draw Blow’s righteous, withering fire. … Twice, here, Blow calls it hypocritical to complain about government spending while wanting more of your own money back. (What th—? Hello?) It’s typical Lib Addled-Brain Syndrome: They think it’s the government’s money in the first place. Also, “Fact-Checker” Blow fails to note Dear Leader’s 2013 LIE OF THE YEAR, awarded by Politifact. … And, Stevie, see the Redstate item below. Any of that bother you, my man? I’ll say none of it does.


Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.