Dallas Morning News Bias – February 6, 2014

*More CBO: Obamacare won’t reduce number of uninsured
(That’s right — it won’t change. But not a story at The News.)
*In Calif., Obamacare turning away cancer patients
(But thanks for American Idol kid runs for Congress!)
*Obamacare enrollees hitting roadblocks in Calif. doctors’ offices
(But thanks for Charleston W. Va. water safe to drink! … This is Cali, Land of Obamacare Compliance, friends. And this is what The News and Dallas civic leaders want.)
*Texas congresswoman: writing Executive Orders for Obama ‘our number one agenda’
*Hawaii schools teaching anal sex to 11-year-olds
(Even Lefty locals are steamed about this one.)
*Fry cook tells Obama of hours being cut due to health law
(Dear Leader ignores the comment. And these “anecdotals” mean nothing to his media cabal. … Folks, hours for the most vulnerable are being cut all over the place – but the story is embargoed.)
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*City manager to make $400,000 after big raise, p. 1A – Izzis some of that change Rawlings and Council have been bawling about? No biggie, I guess – Rawlings says Dallas has plenty of money! (He’s just gotta figure out how to get it! This is the cajole/suggest stage now. Coercion comes last.) … See how libs do it, folks? Pop for a 31-percent raise for a public servant — with other people’s money! Then after voting for it, claim it’s too much. Hahahahahahahahahahah! … Sentences that don’t appear here: It’s unclear how this move does anything to close Dallas’ income-inequality gap; It’s unclear why several council members who voted for the raise said it was too much; Some might call Gonzalez’ massive raise a bribe, ensuring his rubber stamp to any “change” the Council desires; Some may ask how this big honkin’ raise was about getting the best candidates for Dallas when it was not made public till after Gonzalez was hired?  
*[‘Global-warming’] hurting farmers, [Leftist] ag chief warns, AP, p. 8A – Ooo, see the pic of that dead cow lying in all that snow? “Global-warming” killed it. Really!
*Come Together With Hope, Editorial, p. 14A; Breaking Barriers, p. 15A – Loads of sweet afterglow here — across two pages — for The News’ inaugural Equal Outcomes/Wealth Redistribution Confab! I do believe some of “Lovey’s” brood are now ‘bout to burst a gut! “Lovey” too!
Here’s a sampling – and a lesson in lib-speak:
— Sharon Grigsby was blown away by these five “nontraditional thinkers,” (Dems all.) She saw “potential firepower” in their “connections!” Ooooooo!
— Nicole Stockdale was geeked about “energy” in the room and the prospect of giving “educational and employment opportunities” to illegal immigrants. (But, of course!)
— Tod “Che” Robberson learned at the feet of Mayor “Flintstone” Rawlings that to equalize North and South Dallas, first you need a “strategy,” then you’ve got yer “plan of action!” Got it? And that, Tod says, is when “hope turns into expectation!” (That’s a movie title, Che! Gotta be!)
— “Lovey Howell” Willey jes’ looooooved the energy too!  Now, she says, they must develop some “meaningful Next Steps that will form Avenues of Action.” (Yes, she capitalized those words.)
— EdBoard newbie Rudy Bush says “embracing new partnerships and taking risks in unconventional places might bring unexpected opportunities.” Might? We’re not talking ‘bout your money here, are we, Rudy?
*Woman executed in disabled man’s killing, AP, p. 5A – Fourteen women since ‘76 — and 1,400 men? Where’s The News’ call for execution equality? Missing DMN editor’s note: We at The DMN, nontraditional thinkers all, oppose the death penalty in every case – no exceptions. Our Avenues of Action will continue to be expanded in this regard as we seek Meaningful Change.


Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.