Dallas Morning News Bias – February 4, 2014

*Three Cheers, To Jacquielynn Floyd, p. 12A – The News started these “Three Cheers” letters soon after Dear Leader was first elected. The idea was to carve out a “happy” place — for readers to be less negative and divisive(you know, conservative) and to “inspire readers to think and act positively.” (No “happy” place was needed when W. was prez and libs were flooding the page with hate.) But, if you’ll watch, The News will occasionally slip in politics here, like with this tome praising Hackie Floyd for her sneering attack on conservatives and the Munoz baby.That’s “acting positively” at The News.
*GOP hopefuls hesitant on [fracking/]quake link, p. 1A – That’s ‘cuz they’re bought and paid for by evil oil and gas goons!! That’s the “news” here from DMN Dem scribe David Barer. Barer notes early on that not linking fracking to quakes is curious since “scientists generally agree” on the link — and some Azle folks are “concerned”enough to ride busses to Austin! (Who paid for that, Dave?) Four times here Barer notes these “hesitant”Republicans receive oil and gas money, including immediately after three of them are quoted. The lone Dem here, who’s certain of the link, is described only as “minimally funded.” … See below, The News garnered the desired comments from its left-wing readership.
*Obama blames FoxNews for scandals’ life span
*Obama: ‘Not even a smidgen of corruption’ in IRS scandal
*Obama’s new IRS chief to pay millions in bonuses to ‘boost morale’
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*Karzai, Taliban talked secretly, NYT, p. 1A  You don’t say. … Missing context: Dear Leader’s regime hassecretly dealt with ‘em too (see below); Nitwit Biden and Dear Leader have said the Taliban is not our enemy; Bob Gates says Dear Leader didn’t support the mission anyway. … The move is on by the mainstream media to label Karzai a traitor and distract from Dear Leader again failing to secure a Status of Forces agreement as he retreats.
*Manufacturing barely expands, AP, p. 3D – Sez here it was the “cold weather.”Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Bush shoulda been so lucky! AP also calls a 3.6 percent annual growth rate for 2013’s second half “strong.” (That’s called propaganda, friends – for low-info voters.) For STRONG see Reagan’s quarterly rates, starting in 1983: 5.1 percent, 9.3 percent, 8.1 percent and 8.5 percent.
*Stocks plunge again, [this time 320 points], AP, p. 6D – You can do better than that, DMN. A single-column whisper, buried in Business? C’mon, the market’s dropped 1,000 points in a month. You guys have it in you. I remember the ONE TRILLION LOST 1A headline when Bush was prez. (And days later, HALF-A-TRILLION FOUND did not appear.)
*Study: All that sugar will kill you, AP, p. 1A – So don’t be surprised when Sebelius’ new donut regs hit the street. OK?


Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.