Dallas Morning News Bias – February 10, 2014

*The Hillary Papers: friend’s archives show “ruthless” First Lady who backed single-payer health care
(Editor Bob Mong: BOR-ing!)
*Muslims slit throat of Christian man in Central African Republic
(The News just ran a story and pic ‘bout a Muslim being attacked – but not this.)
*NAACP instructs anti-voter ID protesters to bring photo ID
(Not irony The News appreciates.)
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*2014 economic breakout shows signs of sputtering; Breakout year for economy is falling short, AP, p. 1A Already? We were just gettin’ started! Recall, The News told us five weeks ago 2014 would be a real humdinger! I remember! (See below: front-page Jan. 2nd; McClatchy, with my comments.) But it seems, friends, reality has surfaced — and it must be addressed by our clown mainstream media. Ready? Their take: This may be “as good as it gets!!!” Hahahahahhahahaha! Seriously!! AP also notes that nincompoops Paul Krugman and Larry Summers think the economy may be in a “semi-permanent funk” – (get used to it – it’s transformative!!) And a “noted” Harvard economist is dragged out to say “there are no documented examples of an economy that had to emerge from a financial crisis while simultaneously absorbing the effects of an aging population.” (It’s jes’ too hard!!!No one could fix it!!!) … Folks, I knew the BS would get really deep and fragrant as Dear Leader’s destruction played out — but this is PREPOSTEROUS! It’s embarrassing. We’re s’posed to believe our economy may not get any better?? And Dear Leader Obama is mentioned nowhere in this piece??
(Jan. 2) *U.S. economy off to a running start for 2014, McClatchy, p. 1A – Clip-and-save this one, friends.Suddenly — we have a “robust recovery,” says The News’ subhead!! … Anyone else notice that since Dear Leader Obama’s approval rating achieved whale-excrement level, we’ve seen a flurry of good economic data from his minions — including a massively boosted third-quarter revision — and a flurry of good economic “news?” … McClatchy here opens, “For the first time since 2007, the U.S. economy is starting the new year on strong economic footing amid a flurry of signs that point to firming recovery.” Folks, there’s no way an economy that’s$17 trillion in debt, that’s running oceans of deficit spending, that’s still being propped-up by tens of billions of dollars each month, that’s handing over 1/6th of itself to Obamacare, that boasts record food-stamp spending andstunningly low work force participation is on “strong footing.” THAT is a fantasy. (BTW, none of the above is mentioned in this story.)
*Asylum eased for some, AP, p. 1A – Yes — as long as they’ve offered only “limited” support to terrorists in the past. After all, why get all nit-picky ‘bout this? Dear Leader has the brains and nuance to handle it. AP sees no prob, noting Homeland Security won’t let these “limited-terror” elves in just willy-nilly. No — these folks seeking refugee status will “be checked to make sure they don’t pose a threat to national security or public safety.” (Like with the Boston Bombers, doncha know!) … Dear Leader did this quite on his own, and if you don’t like it, AP reminds that he pledged to use his pen and phone last month. So there!
*Teaming up for health law, Tribune Newspapers, p. 4A –  Desperate propaganda — straight from the top:Obamacare is inevitable, resistance is futile. It’s “increasingly entering the mainstream,” and as it “becomes embedded in American life, the … drive to dismantle [it] will almost certainly become more complicated.”TranslationTake your medicine, comrades. The fight is over. End your protests. Relax. … (Stalinist, no? Yes!)
*5 things [Dallas’] new city manager must do, p. 1B – Hey, an Op-Ed – on the front-page of Metro! (It’s“transformative” journalism — and we may not get any better!) … Here, DMN Dem scribes Scott Goldstein and Tom Benning are quite open about the situation: OK, A.C. — Council gave you mucho dinero, now give Council what it wants: “transformative change!!” … This used to be called bribery, quid pro quo, and it was frowned upon by journalists. But these days, with the need to expedite “change” and the right folks obviously in charge, The News simply lays out the terms of agreement.


Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.