Dallas Morning News Bias – February 2, 2014

*Texas congressman: We can stop Obama’s executive order abuses
*Union leaders say Obama betrayed them on Obamacare
(You don’t need to know this. Obamacare must “succeed,” as far as The News is concerned — and to hell with what it costs you.)
Meanwhile The News’ “news”
*Finding the grass greener; Colorado’s Legalization of Marijuana, p. 1A – Still — not a negative word on MJ use in The DMN. It’s all good! Enjoy!
*Dallas: city of jobs – and poverty, p. 1A – Amazing, isn’t it, how Dallas’ Leftist leaders and The News have taken up Dear Leader’s “income inequality” push? And it’s almost verbatim! You expect it from Mayor “Flintstone” Rawlings and County Judge Clay “Ortega” Jenkins (true Obama-droids) — but for The News to fall right in, push the same line, is way bad for Big D. … Today’s feature is stuffed full of: our economic system is flawed, we mustraise the minimum wage (even for illegals!), we must expand Medicaid (‘Millions are due us,’ says Flintstone!), Dallas has too many rich people — and blah, blah, blah. … DMN Dem scribe Michael Lindenberger deftly dismisses the single GOP response noted in these 76 text inches with: Rick Perry and “most Texas-based leaders”say this, but Rawlings says … . The rest is pure lib company line, complete with charts and graphs. … Truth: Into Dear Leader’s SIXTH year, it’s clear the poor and middle class are hurt most by his Leftist policies, high gas prices and job/wage-killing regs — and the Left is desperate to deflect blame. Capitalism is the target.
*Davis’ daughters defend her, Between Wayne Slater’s Ears, p. 3A – One minor critique here, 3-Dub: “It took 10 days … for Davis to personally respond with a speech to set the record straight.” Set the record straight needed quotation marks, my man. Either that or, attempt to set the record straight.
*Celebrations, p. 10E – Again, no homosexual “marriages.” The News has obviously abandoned its loudly-touted commitment to these notices — and I’ll say it’s due to worries of financial effects on the real marriage market. … Publisher James “It’s The Right Thing To Do” Maroney should address this soon.
*Letters to the Editor, Can [Obama] go it alone?, p. 3P – No. He can’t. … I’ll respond to one cutesy Letter I’m sure The News thinks will end discussion of Dear Leader’s past/future abuses. Jenni Hanley of Ft. Worth notes Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, Ike, Reagan, Slick Willie and W. all signed way more Executive Orders than Dear Leader has. That ain’t the point, Snookums. It’s what Dear Leader is doing with his. He’s not allowed write new law or stop enforcing others with EOs. Then there’s the fact he’s the closest thing to Karl Marx we’ve ever had occupy The White House. One EO by Marx, of course, would be too many. … See below something you never saw in The News, and further context:


Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.