Dallas Morning News Bias – February 1, 2014

*Colo. women’s center closes, cites Obamacare
(Great National brief, huh? But thanks for the Michigan car-wreck story.)
*Wash. State children denied specialty care under Obamacare
(Great National brief, huh? But thanks for the Iowa illegal-immigrant “exploitation” story. )
*Obamacare seeks to regulate pizza
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*Obama open to [immigration] deal, WashPo, p. 1A – What a magnificent statesman! A true leader! As if he and Holder aren’t going to do whatever they want once a “deal” is struck. Recall Dear Leader has “a pen and a phone.”That angle — absent here.
*[State] House panel to probe West panel, p. 3A – Good RINO, Joe Straus! Good, good RINO! … Here’s the meat from DMN Dem scribe “3-Dub Jr.” Garrett: “… the administration of Gov. Rick Perry and the [GOP] Legislature have not adopted specific measures to keep something like it from occurring again. [Vote Democrat!!]” … Not noted: eight state agencies had oversight at West before it blew up.
— The Department of Public Safety
— Texas Division of Emergency Management
— Emergency Management Council
— The Office of the Texas State Chemist
— Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
— Texas Department of Agriculture
— Department of State Health Services
— State Fire Marshal’s Office
But at The News, only MORE job-killing, top-down regs will do. They absolutely view this story as a political winner in Turning Texas Blue.
*Editorial page, p. 16A – It’s Celebrate Pete Seeger Day! A memorial cartoon, a sappy Letter to the Editor and a “Hit” from “Lovey Howell’s” crew in Hits and Misses! And none of ‘em mention he was a long-time Communistand fan of Joseph Stalin! The EdBoard eases past that stink-pile by calling it “spread[ing] the gospel of … the integrity of working people.” The mooshy Letter sees it as learning that “working collectively trumps exclusivity a thousand times over.”  I must say, they’ve got Marx down pat!
*Attorney cites [dead Frisco] boy’s health, p. 1B – So what’s with The News’ 2014 domestic-violence body count – now at 2 women, 0 men, 2 children? Are we s’posed to cheer for a particular “team?” … Uh oh. It sez here this boy “was born … with a brain cyst and microcephaly” and was “a special needs child who had other medical conditions.”  He obviously should have been aborted. Look for Hacki Floyd to step in soon: “See what happens when malformed fetuses are allowed to survive! Mothers get charged with murder!!”
*Activism was [Adelfa Callejo’s] life and love, Olivera column, p. 7B – Yeah. We know. Believe me, we know. … Scu’ me, how long may we expect this bandwagon cortege to roll on?  Today, race journalist Mercedes Olivera gets a shot. (And I don’t think it’s her first.) Of course, missing again today is any balance concerning Ms. Callejo’s life, much of which may be described as divisive and controversial. (See MALDEF below.) … (Reminder: this observer is about liberal bias in The DMN. Nothing personal toward the late Ms. Callejo. RIP. Just looking for atruer picture here.)
Long but telling:


Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.