Dallas Morning News Bias – January 28, 2014

*WashPo/ABC poll: 63% don’t have confidence in Obama’s decision-making
*In California, just one-third have regained insurance lost through Obamacare
*Retiring House Dem slams Obamacare
*Selective prosecutions? Questions arise about political-targeting after filmmaker case
(The News cares nothing about this — OR the IRS scandal.)
*CBS edits-out Cruz remarks on Obama’s ‘abuse of power’
(Government-run media! Gotta love it!)  
*DEA chief rips Obama’s pot remarks
*Out of touch? Hillary hasn’t driven a car in 17 years
Meanwhile, The News’ “news” and opinion
*Obamacare yet to win over public, AP, p. 6A – Well, this is just a LIE: “The website may be fixed, but [Obamacare’s] new health insurance markets have yet to win over most consumers.” The website is NOT “fixed.” Hell, just two graphs down, it says, “Of those who’ve tried to sign-up, or live with someone who has, 71 percent have encountered problems.” How is that“fixed?” More evidence below:
*Munoz case is a study in cruelty, Floyd column, p. 1B – Nice. Not satisfied with “victory,” The News hauls out “Hacki” Floyd to spike the fetus. … Highlights: trying to save this baby amounted to “lunatic torture” (I’d save that one for cutting a baby to pieces in the womb, ma’am); a “freakish, dystopian hell” was created (Again, where’s this lingo for late-term abortion, Schmoopie?); “this … case wasn’t about preserving life” (Um, actually that’s ALL it was about.); the unborn baby had been“compromised” (Can’t have those around here.) … Calm down, Hacki. Once Sebelius moves in, the plugs will REALLY start flying outa walls. Won’t it be grand? There’ll be no more debate, no more “cruelty.”
*Marlise Munoz at Rest, Editorial, p. 10A – CANNONBALL! Here comes The EdBoard!!! … Check out this chiller: “An appeal would have pushed the fetus perilously close to the threshold for viability, which would have complicated matters even further …” Let that sink in, kind readers. ………………….. So, where’s the real dystopian hell? 
*Fetus named after mother, AP, p. 8B – So this was a girl? Local media and Mr. Munoz’ attorneys assured us this baby was so terribly “compromised,” sex could not be determined. (See, truth is OK now, now that —— it’s done.) … AP doesn’t inquire as to how long this has been known.


Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.