Dallas Morning News Bias – January 27, 2014

*Cruz: Obama’s State of Union speech should include apology
(The News ran this online, but not in print.)
*Congressional probe into Christine McDonnell tax-records breach heats up
Obama’s Immigration Plan Spikes ‘Income Inequality’
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*Hospital turns off life support, p. 1A – At least The News eschews the “Victory” headline today. Thank you. … Don’t ever forget, friends, a key point pressed by the Left throughout this ordeal: this baby likely had abnormalities, deformities, medical problems — and a low IQ — so termination was proper. Yeeeeees ….. remember that. Also, remember that preemie-success context never made it into The News’ coverage. They’ll say that’s because the mother supposedly didn’t want to be kept alive – though no one ever pressed the husband to confirm that meant even if it would save her baby. (BTW, Stevie Wonder was born a month prematurely. It’s why he’s blind.)
*[Afghanistan] Exit may hurt U.S. drone missions, NYT, p. 1A – You don’t say – not to mention it “may” forfeit victory there just as Dear Leader did in Iraq, where thousands have subsequently been slaughtered by al Qaeda. … Missing context:What’s happening now in Afghanistan is an exact replay of Dear Leader’s Iraq debacle: he’s supposedly unable to secure a Status of Forces pact, (It’s Bush’s — I mean, Karzai’s fault!), his talented hands are tied, so our poor president is “forced,” as The Times puts it, to pull-out (surrender).
*Food stamp needs are shifting, AP, p. 1A – “Needs” are “shifting?” How ‘bout Young, healthy Americans now scarfing food stamps. Subhead: Program has doubled under Obama. That not work for you guys? … Missing context: Food stamps were never intended to help 20-somethings living at home to “save up for paramedic training.” Can I get a witness? … And check out this stunner from AP hack Hope Yen: “Economists say having a job may no longer be enough for self-sufficiency in today’s economy.” (Read it again … slowly. And, of course, Dear Leader is not to blame for “today’s economy.”) The message: you need the government — for food — even with a job, even with a free place to live – and Obama provides it. Got it? Good!


Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.