Dallas Morning News Bias – January 26, 2014

Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014
*IMF Director warns of global economic risk; World currencies plummet; Bank-run fears continue: HSBC limits cash withdrawals
(Nothing on these in today’s DMN. No worries! … BTW, today’s Opinion offerings: we’re addicted to money in the U.S.; we’re addicted to food in the U.S.; and the racial history of Saturday Night Live. I’m not kidding.)
*‘Schindler’s List’ producer blasts Obama’s ‘Soviet-style tactics’
(This would be a story at The News had Bush’s DOJ gone after Michael Moore.)
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*Fetus viability could become factor, p. 1A – Uh-oh. This is baaaaad for the kill-it crowd.  DMN Dem scribe Jeff Weiss sounds the alarm. (BTW, Weiss backs abortion and doesn’t think an unborn child is a human yet. He’s told me so via email banter. You know, if The News would just poll its scribes and editors on issues o’ the day and publish the results, readers would clearly see the fiction of DMN objectivity.) … Weiss gives one example here that “may” be the “closet parallel” to this case: a girl who wound up “blind, unable to speak and incontinent.” (So there, pro-lifers!) He also says this family had wanted “no extraordinary measures” to save that child after birth, but “instead” the baby was “rushed to intensive care” (The bastards! They rushed! … Funny — now ICU is an “extraordinary measure.) … We must assume no extreme-preemie successstories met Weiss’s “parallel” bar.
*‘Change’ means what [for Dallas new City Manager]?, p. 1A – The News really wants to nail this down, huh?  See, they’re not happy with “insider” A.C. Gonzalez’ selection. They, and most all the Council, hoped for a radical “change agent,” preferably from outside Red Texas — someone who’d play smash-mouth on income and marriage “inequality,” push La Raza revolucion and maybe ban automobiles south of SMU. The goal now is to shove ol’ A.C. toward bold action – NOW!The News will be watching, amigo. … (Isn’t libs’ fascination with fast, massive “change,” well – fascinating?)
*For Cornyn, only a little [tea party] static in run, p. 1A – Yeah, well, for the first time I’m not voting him and I encourage all conservatives to send him a message on election day. … DMN scribe Todd “The Hack” Gillman pushes all the buttons here:the tea party is mostly ineffectual and fading; Cornyn challenger Steve Stockman is nuts; tea partiers demand “ideological purity” — and that’s nuts. … TWICE here “The Hack” notes that Cornyn’s “maneuvering room” allows him to push back against “ideological purity,” lest anyone miss that. (Dems don’t demand “ideological purity,” you see – at least not in The News.) … Not addressed: Cornyn’s macho-sounding conservative spiel these days is all due to Ted Cruz’ ascendance. …Scoreboard: number of Republicans quoted here who still back Cornyn: six; number quoted who oppose him: one.
*Regulation shouldn’t be a no-no, Dave Lieber “The Watchdog,” p. 1B – Even The News’ “Watchdog” flat-out pushes the lib line now! (So let’s see — the Business section, Comics, Opinion, the front-page section, Metro columnists and news – and now the consumer watchdog! (Might The News have an “ideological purity” problem?) … Straight-up here, ol’ Dave, after claiming regs “protect the little guy” – rehashes-and-bashes West’s supposed lack of regs and Rick Perry’s state finance chairman — jes’ like dear “Lovey Howell” Willey would — but here, he’s lookin’ out for you!!! LOL. (Told you yesterday Lieber was a lib. No doubt now.) … Lieber, in his gooey praise of regs, fails to note: under Dear Leader’s regime, we’re getting at least 68 new regs per day; Obamacare regs are 30 times longer than the epic-length law; Dear Leader’s new regs will cost the private sector $143 billion in 2014; Dear Leader’s regs cost LOTS of “little guys” a job. (See below.)


Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.