Dallas Morning News Bias – January 25, 2014

*Republican Party calls for end to Obama’s domestic phone-records sweep
(Unclear in The News’ coverage to date: What Dear Leader is doing is MUCH BROADER that what Bush did. Yesterday’s AP story sounded as if Dear Leader is simply continuing Bush’s program. Not true.)
*U.S. falls from list of Top 10 freest world economies
(Hope and change! Wait – don’t tell me – it’s “income equality’s” fault!)
*Homeland Security Secretary: illegals have ‘earned the right to be citizens’
*Newspaper conglomerate looks to reveal, state-by-state, conceal-and-carry permit holders
(I’m thinking DMN Publisher James Maroney would call this “the right thing to do.”)
*Festival yanks pro-fracking film, keeps two anti-fracking offerings
(Similar to DMN coverage, no?)
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*A wrenching victory; Court grants man’s bid to take pregnant wife off life support, p. 1A – It’s a “victory!” But please understand, as The News will tell you, they weren’t pulling for any particular outcome here. (Not much!) … Why not this headline? A wrenching defeat; Hospital loses bid to keep unborn child alive. The answer tells you all you need to know about The News. That headline NEVER entered their minds. … It’s quite obvious this guy doesn’t want this child, especially if he/she has special needs. And the local media back him all the way! Note, we keep hearing she didn’t want to be kept alive, but never whether that included if it meant keeping her baby alive. I’ve not seen that raised in The News at all. … Believe me, the worst possible outcome for the it’s-not-a-human-yet crowd would be for this child to survive and become a blessing or a benefit to society. That prospect, friends, is too horrific for them to imagine. … BTW, DMN Dem scribe Dianne Jennings offers an misleading combo here: after noting Munoz’s attorneys argued the unborn child “is not developing normally,” “is deformed,” has hydrocephalus, and “indicated possible fetal heart problems,” Jennings says, “The hospital agreed … at the time of this hearing … the fetus is not viable.” Ma’am, viability simply means the ability of a baby to live outside the womb —not his/her potential degree of abnormality or illness. The hospital was not saying this child would not ever survive, just notnow — at 22 weeks. They were not “agreeing” with these attorneys.   
*Deadly Cairo bomb attacks raise fears of new [Muslim Brotherhood] insurgency, NYT/AP, p. 1A – Missing context:Dear Leader Obama staunchly supported Morsi’s radical-Islamist rule and The Muslim Brotherhood. Dear Leader is not mentioned at all.
*Dow plunges as fears multiply, AP, p. 1A – Yeah —  and it’s China’s fault! And The Fed — for starting to staunch the teat flow! (How dare they!!! Obama has three more years!!) AP’s bottom line: it’s any and everything’s fault but Dear Leader’s policies. … This left-wing house-of-cards can only fall, dear readers. And watching the mainstream media report it will be entertaining indeed.
*Health sign-ups climbing, McClatchy, p. 6A – Oh, look! Another Obamacare Signups Rising story! See, “the administration” keeps announcing it and The News keeps running it! Sweet, huh? … Note the LAST TWO LINES of the story — at the bottom of the page: “It remains unclear how many of the new enrollees were previously uninsured and how many are healthy, key metrics that will determine the effectiveness of [Obamacare.] The Obama administration has not released that information.” It also “remains unclear,” guys, how many have actually paid for their policies, how many really are on insurance company roles — and why so many millions have lost their policies and/or their doctors – when Dear Leader said they wouldn’t.
*13 suspects arrested in rape of Indian woman, p. 12A – The News ran a huge story on this New Delhi gang-rape yesterday — and now this blip. It ran another story on it not long ago. Never forget, friends, The News totally ignored the alleged gang-rape of a 13-year-old girl by illegal immigrants in Austin, Texas, last summer.


Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.