Dallas Morning News Bias – January 24, 2014

*Wisc. Gov. proposes $1B in tax cuts
(Conservative Scott Walker shows how it’s done — in a blue state!)
*Hundreds lose their doctors in Ohio
(Thank you, Dear Leader Obama!)
*Poll: Obamacare support hits record low
*Moody’s slashes insurers’ outlook; Obamacare ‘uncertainty’ to blame
*Gallup: two-thirds say federal government too big and powerful
*‘Tsunami’ of retail store closings expected
(There’s nothing but “good” economic news in today’s Business section.)
*Conservative filmmaker charged by Holder’s DOJ; NY Gov. targets conservative activist James O’Keefe; Holder targets Hollywood conservative group
(Welcome to Police State, USA! They’re also siccing feds on Christie, Scott Brown and McDonnell! Meanwhile, no chargesfor: the IRSFast and FuriousBenghazi or New Black Panthers! NONE.)
Noonan: Nobody’s Listening To Obama
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*Hate crime alleged in punching of black man, AP, p. 3A – Finally — a “knockout” story The News likes! The extemelyrare white-kid-hits-a-black-man(And, of course, this one’s a federal “hate crime.”) … BTW, I’ve not yet seen The News tie“knockout” to black-on-white at all.
*Rawlings touts bold new Dallas [at D.C. conference of mayors], p. 1B – Mayor “Fred Flintstone” is at it again. He won’tlet it go: (I paraphrase) “We’re a much better city since our 1960s’ conservative influence helped kill JFK! You just won’t believe it! We’ve learned our progressive lesson!! Kennedy was not martyred in vain!! … And, friends, The News not onlybelieves this baseless crap, it encourages it. (See its recent JFK50 series.)
*Political lies, other odds and ends, Dave Lieber’s The Watchdog column, p. 1B – Fear not, citizens! DMN Dem scribe Dave Lieber is gonna clean up campaigns this year by providing our “checks and balances” as a “neutral party calling out falsehoods.”  LOL. This oughta be good. … BTW, Dave here says “in recent years lying about one’s opponent … has become an acceptable practice.” I call bullsh on that, sir. … Me thinks this “Fact-Check” endeavor will likely uncover more “lies” by conservatives. Shall we count?
*Missing the mark; Our heroes and our politicians give us exactly what we want: half truths, Gordon Keith Op-Ed, p. 21A – Wendy Davis isn’t to blame – we are!! Thank you, Gordo, you magnificent, navel-gazing, uber-thinker. And thank you, EdBoard, for rushing to repair damage from your paper’s exposition of “Abortion Barbie”. … Gordo here goes where libs go when one of their own soils the bed: look, we’re ALL so very bad — we mustn’t expect any better from others. (Recall, this was all the Dem rage as “Slick Willie” was impeached.) … “This is not a defense of Wendy Davis,” assures Gordo. Right. That’s why he opens by saying her lying “is what politicians do” and “nobody likes a true story” and, besides, we all lie to “our children our co-workers and the people we try to bed.” (Oooo, sooooo hip, Gordon!) Again, I call bullsh. … Gordo doesn’t write this passive crap if Greg Abbott’s story was made up. I guar-OAN-tee.


Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.