Dallas Morning News Bias – January 23, 2014

*Tens of thousands brave cold for Annual March for Life  
(Massive national story, (see below), but at The News — it didn’t happen! That’s not just bias, folks – that’s corruption. Anybody there embarrassed yet?)
*Poll: 62% believe abortion is “morally wrong”
(Of course, nothing is “morally wrong” at The News — except “income inequality” and executing convicted killers.)
*Iran official: We didn’t agree to dismantle anything
*Aetna could be forced out of Obamacare
*Bachman: Obama’s legacy will be establishment of lawlessness
Meanwhile, The News’ “ news
*Study finds a [college] rape epidemic, AP, p. 6A; Speeding up the voting process, AP, p. 6A – Here’s how The News fills its National news page today – bumping March for Life, we assume: two stories on Dear Leader attempting to pivot from his awful economy, his destructive Obamacare and his foolish Iraq-pulloutThese two reports come straight from the White House, via AP, to The News. Hilarious.
*Syria talks get started with fiery rhetoric, WashPo/NYT, p. 1A – Missing here: “President Barack Obama,” the guy who drew the “red line” and armed the “rebels.”
*Mexican citizen executed, p. 3A – Is that what we’re calling illegal immigrants these days? Mexican citizens? (Much more palatable, I agree!) At least UK outlets, (see below), speak the truth. … BTW, an Editor’s Note from Bob Mong is sorely needed here: The Dallas Morning News opposes the death penalty in all cases. We believe this vicious cop-killer should receive a life-time of free meals and library privileges for his actions — not death. And after all, let’s not forget, he was a Mexican citizen. We should be welcoming to immigrants and other underserved individuals — not off-putting — as Dallas seeks to reinvent itself for the 21st Century. Of course, we’re deeply saddened, sort of, for the family of this 24-year-old policeman, shot in the back of the head 20 years ago. But, as they say, life is for the living.   
*Data on tests derided [in Texas school finance case], p. 3A; Life support hearing set, p. 1B – Compare, kind readers: In the first story, Judge John Dietz is NOT ID’d as a Democrat; in the second story, Judge R.H. Wallace IS ID’d as a Republican. Case closed.


Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.