Freedom in Texas is Trending the Wrong Way

Screenshot from 2014-01-22 13:18:47A study at George Mason University revealed that the level of freedom in Texas has declined over the past 4 years.  While we can take pride in still being near the top of the list, I’d suggest we focus on why we are worse off than before, even though the a majority of our lawmakers are so-called ‘conservatives’ and would say freedom is one of their top priorities.  It is important to measure a person’s actions against their words– If our elected officials are voting or acting to increase spending, increase debt, or punish victim-less crimes, they are contributing to the trend towards less freedom.  It is our responsibility to correct the trend.

Texas prides itself on being a freedom-loving state, and at 14th in rank its citizens have something to be proud of. However, its policies are sometimes not as consistent with individual liberty as the rhetoric of its officials and citizens would suggest.

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