Dallas Morning News Bias – January 20, 2014

*Obama says racism harms his approval rating
(C’mon, DMN. Why ignore this? Race-card, baby!)
*Former IAEA Director: Iran could have bomb in 2-3 weeks
*Europe to ditch climate-protection goals
*Official admits ‘minor’ abuses with NSA database
(No biggie. ‘Minor’ is cool.)
*Report: Vast majority of Christian persecution occurs in Muslim countries
(The rest is in the USA!)
*GOP hopes grow for taking U.S. Senate
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*The rich and poor in Texas, p. 1D – Another “income-inequality” feature! Cool! Has there been a new development here — a new twist? Nope. Same propaganda – new package. … Not addressed here: Why is this “gap” so much worse after five years of Dear Leader? (Answer: Marxism destroys the “middle class.” Always has, always will.); How would gas prices returning to pre-Dear Leader levels — $1.87/gal. — help the “middle class?” (Answer: Immensely.) How is Dear Leader’s War on Coal affecting energy costs? (Answer: Immensely.); Why are “immigrants” mentioned twice in this piece sans a preceding “illegal?” (Answer: It’s part of The News’ subtle attempt at language control –there is no such thing as an illegal immigrant — you’re getting verrrrrrry sleepy.) … DMN Dem scribe “Schneering” Mitch Schnurman concludes, “Texas needs to spread the wealth …” That’s what Dear Leader says! Income redistribution! I remember! So how do we do this, Schnurm? Are we nearing the coercion stage yet? Keep us posted, comrade.
*Obama: Pot not more dangerous than alcohol, AP, p. 4A – Only good things about Mary Jane in The DMN! (You’re getting verrrrrrry sleepy ……..). … Hey, how ‘bout a feature on Dear Leader’s Choom Gang? He was quite the pot-head, I hear.
*Uber Solution, Editorial, p. 12A – Wouldn’t it be great if “Lovey Howell” Willey and her brood just had carte blanche to decide all this stuff for us? Think how seamless that would be. I mean, they seem to know everything about everything. And I get the idea, from their Willey-inspired cock-sure delivery, they’d really like that. The rest of us could just stroll around Klyde Warren Park or Deep Ellum — and chill. (And sell our cars. And spread the wealth. And accept new regs each day, with a grateful smile.)


Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.