Must Read Texas – January 16, 2014

Abbott has 3 to 1 Cash on Hand Advantage; Wendy has Two $1M Donors;
Scott Turner for Speaker?; Dewhurst “Plans” to Serve only One More Term;
George P. Bush Continues Strong FR; Rick Perry Headed to Davos?
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Here’s the “almost” end of week brief:

Your absolute must clicks:
> Greg Abbott’s cash advantage (behind paywall) is 3-1 over Wendy Davis.  Wendy had two $1 million contributors.
> Todd Staples, Dan Patrick have (behind paywall) more cash on hand than David Dewhurst.
> State Rep. Scott Turner (R-Frisco) filed for Speaker.
> U.S. Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) launched his first statewide TV ad.
  > Without a competitive primary or general election, George P. Bush continues a torrid fundraising pace.
  > Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) is reportedly headed to Davos next week.

Tweets worth reading:

Highlights of @DavidHDewhurst‘s appearance at #TribLive Thursday. #tx2014 …

2:16 PM – 16 Jan 2014 · Details


.@leticiavdp responds to @davidhdewhurst‘s #triblive comments, says he’s wrong about her record:  ($) #TX2014 #txlege


5:53 PM – 16 Jan 2014 · Details


Ask me 3/5 RT @TedDelisi: @evanasmith when 85% of GOP voters can’t make decision in TX AG’s race, which war chest sounds most appealing?

6:15 PM – 15 Jan 2014 · Details

> On Wednesday, MRT co-founder and Democratic consultant Jason Stanford and I debated the Governor’s race on KTBC Fox Austin.
> On Tuesday, Stanford and I debated different approaches for dealing with poverty on KTBC Fox Austin.
> On Monday, Democratic consultant Joe Deshotel and yours truly debated the Bob Gates memoir on KTBC Fox Austin.

> Stanford and I will have opposing columns on the top races in Texas for 2014.

– TT reports on payday lending, from the session to the campaign trail.

2013 / 2014 / 2016:
– Joe Pool, Jr. continues his hail mary legal battle.  PJ’s Bryan Preston reports on some of the history here. (Full disclosure: I have a conflict in this race).
– There’s a bitter race for Harris County Republican Party chair brewing.
– U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) praised AG candidate Ken Paxton and Katrina Pierson.

Other stories of interest:
– Mayor Annise Parker (D-Houston) married her longtime partner.
– Keep an 
eye on this (behind paywall). 

Lighter clicks:
– A tense Jake Tapper interview with Marcus Luttrell.
– From Fairfax High School 
to the Super Bowl.

Your Daily Source of Inspiration:
– A nine year old, playing varsity basketball.
– A six year-old boy is teased.  Watch what happens next.


POLITICO: Senate approves $1.1 trillion spending bill (1/16/14 9:10pm)

AP: Rhino hunt auction winner fears for safety (1/16/4 9:08pm)

AP: Google invests $75M in Tx. wind farms (1/16/14 9:08pm)

AP: George P. Bush raises $772,000 (1/16/14 9:07pm)

KTRK ABC HOUSTON: Houston Mayor Annise Parker marries long-time partner in California wedding (1/16/14 9:05pm)

TT: Fight Over Payday Loans, From Capitol to Campaign Trail (1/16/14 9:05pm)

AP: Schools reopen as Texas water dispute continues (1/16/14 9:04pm)

AP: Dewhurst planning only 1 more term (1/16/14 9:03pm)

NATIONAL JOURNAL: Ted Cruz Is Losing His Grip on the GOP (1/16/14 9:03pm)

USA TODAY: Oil! New Texas boom spawns riches, headaches (1/16/14 9:02pm)

WASH POST (The Fix): Wendy Davis raised $12 million. That means less than you think (1/16/14 9:01pm)

VIDEO: U.S. Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) on Fox News’ “On the Record” (1/16/14 9:01pm)

KXAN NBC AUSTIN: Austin man accused of setting off homemade bombs (1/16/14 9pm)

TT: Stockman Surrogate Stumps for Elusive Candidate (1/16/14 8:59pm)

DMN: Attorneys: Pregnant woman being kept on life support is brain dead, according to Fort Worth hospital (1/16/14 8:52pm)

DMN: Voting rights bill would again force Texas to get federal approval for election changes (1/16/14 8:52pm)

DMN: Report: Rick Perry on list of invitees to exclusive economic forum Davos (1/16/14 8:49pm)

DMN: Ted Cruz: President Obama runs America like a “corrupt dictator” not bound by the law (1/16/14 8:48pm)

DMN: Wendy Davis attracts two $1 million contributions (1/16/14 8:48pm)

DMN: End-of-life dispute roils Texas GOP primaries, splits anti-abortion groups (1/16/14 8:47pm)

DMN: Texas business group helps 32 lawmakers in push back against tea party fiscal hawks (1/16/14 8:47pm)

DMN: Ted Cruz v. Charlie Crist at Gridiron dinner (1/16/14 8:46pm)

DMN: Ted Cruz calls Ken Paxton a fighter for Voter ID, against Obamacare (1/16/14 8:45pm)

DMN: Mac Thornberry eyes promotion to Armed Services chairman (1/16/14 8:45pm)

DMN: Ted Cruz adds Katrina Pierson to his expanding list of the “utterly fearless” (1/16/14 8:44pm)

DMN: John Cornyn launches first statewide ads in re-election campaign (1/16/14 8:44pm)

FWST ($): Republicans determined to reclaim Senate District 10 (1/16/14 8:16pm)

FWST ($): Judge recuses herself from Munoz case (1/16/14 8:15pm)

FWST ($): Federal lawsuit filed over TRWD election (1/16/14 9am)

FWST ($): A new year, a new opportunity for U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (1/16/14 8:58am)

CHRON ($): Railcar delay means crowded trains, Metro says (1/16/14 8:54am)

CHRON ($): Cornyn introduces concealed-carry reciprocity bill (1/16/14 8:52am)

CHRON: Emmett backing challenger to Woodfill for HCRP chair (1/16/14 8:51am)

CHRON: Parker names council committee chairs (1/16/14 8:51am)

CHRON: Conservative bloggers call on Pratt to resign, but party not budging (1/16/14 8:49am)

CHRON: Tab for Gov. Perry’s security detail hits $2.8 million for out-of-Texas travel (1/16/14 8:34am)

SAEN: Wendy Davis donations include $1 million from physician (1/16/14 8:25am)

SAEN: Michael Berry on his wife’s appointment and “angry libtard” feminists (1/16/14 8:23am)

SAEN: Branch’s campaign chest tops GOP opponents in AG race (1/16/14 8:23am)

SAEN: Texas Supreme Court candidate wants to toss incumbent off GOP ballot (1/16/14 8:16am)

AAS ($): Dewhurst leads in fundraising, but Staples, Patrick have more cash (1/16/14 7:49am)

AAS ($): Greg Abbott starts 2014 with big cash edge over Wendy Davis (1/16/14 7:49am)

AAS ($): City, state proposing nearly $5.7 million in incentives to lure 600-plus tech jobs to Austin (1/16/14 7:47am)

AAS ($): UT System posting data on graduates’ earnings, loan debt (1/16/14 7:47am)

AAS: Andy Brown outpaces Sarah Eckhardt in Travis County judge race fundraising (1/16/14 7:47am)

AAS: Rep. Scott Turner to run for Texas House speaker (1/16/14 7:43am)

KTBC FOX AUSTIN: Debating the Texas Governor’s race (1/16/14 7:36am)

KTBC FOX AUSTIN: Debate: Controversial book (1/14/14 10:31am)

HUFF POST: Steve Stockman Loses Endorsement Of PAC That Backed Him In 2012 (1/14/14 9:56am)

TPM: Outside Groups Hail Fired GOPer As ‘Conservative Fireball’ Under Cruz (1/14/14 8:27am)

DAILY BEAST: Cruz Takes On House Republicans (1/14/14 7:58am)

WASHINGTON EXAMINER: Ted Cruz thunders into a new year, while fellow Republicans seek softer tone (1/14/13 7:37am)

POLITICO: Ted Cruz hires sacked RSC staffer Paul Teller (1/13/14 3:48pm)

TW ($): Immigration on Center Stage in Staples’ New Ad (1/13/14 11:02am)

REUTERS: US court rules against Bazaarvoice’s acquisition of PowerReviews (1/11/14 7:38am)

KEYE CBS AUSTIN: Conservative heavyweights, lawmakers converge on Austin (1/11/14 7:33am)

DAILY BEAST: In Harvard Law Review, Ted Cruz Blows Dog Whistle for Conspiracy Nuts (1/11/14 7:32am)

LONGVIEW NEWS-JOURNAL: Wealth of Texans in Congress all over map (1/11/14 7:31am)

USA TODAY: Santorum endorses Abbott for Texas governor (1/11/14 3:38am)


DMN: With Texas water, glass still half-empty (1/16/14 8:54pm)

FWST ($): Better answers needed from DA, Halstead (1/16/14 8:38pm)

FWST ($): DFW Airport at 40: Who’s looking back? (1/16/14 8:37pm)

FWST ($): Student effort saves small Catholic school (1/16/14 8:36pm)

FWST ($): Combs offers ideas to meet water needs (1/16/14 8:35am)

CHRON: Stop the waste (1/16/14 8:44am)

CHRON: Jail rape (1/16/14 8:44am)

CHRON: Not caring about voter ID (1/16/14 8:44am)

CHRON: Dealing with it (1/16/14 8:43am)

CHRON: Energy antiquities (1/16/14 8:43am)

SAEN: CPS Energy customers merit better service (1/16/14 8:32am)

SAEN: Foster care needs more than redesign (1/16/14 8:32am)

SAEN: In literacy cuts, city ignores past (1/16/14 8:31am)

SAEN: Find root causes of vet suicides (1/16/14 8:31am)

SAEN: En masse resignation best solution (1/16/14 8:31am)

SAEN: Coming age of skept


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