Dallas Morning News Bias – January 15, 2014

*Obama threatens use and ‘pen’ and ‘phone’; won’t ‘wait on legislation’
(Hugo Chavez was a piker, friends! Dear Leader knows what Americans “need” and, by God, he’s gonna give it to us! Sez he’s gonna “bring Americans together” around what he thinks is “a unifying theme.” Like Mark Levin said yesterday, this is how fricking Marxists talk. Always have. Google it. … Check out Dear Leader below. Somehow, The News wasn’t interested.)
*Iran’s Rouhani on nuke deal: World surrendered to our will
(I don’t see anything in The News about this deal. Howzat happen?)
*Iranian general: U.S. pursuit of diplomacy shows weakness
*Obama has side deal with Tehran?
(The News runs LA Times stuff often – but not this.)
*U.S. falls from Top Ten in economic freedom
*Dem resolution: ‘global-warming’ leads to prostitution
*Black labor force participation rate at all-time low
(Over 65 % are NOT in labor force. Again — NOT news at The DMN.)
*Young voters sour on Obama; opportunity seen for GOP
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”:
*Obama to tighten some spying rules, p. 1A – See? Dude’s a dictator! And The News and The Times haven’t a problem with it! … Highlights: “Obama will issue new guidelines …”; “Obama plans to …”; “But he will not endorse …”; “Some officials complained … but others expressed relief that Obama is not going further …’; “Obama has decided …”; Obama will cut back … .”  Welcome to Venezuela, folks — government-run media and all!
*[Wendy] Davis brings in more cash than Abbott, p. 3A – Another patented misleading headline. Lemme help: Obama PAC cash puts Davis ahead of Abbott  or maybe Davis gets Obama PAC-cash boost. That’s the story — though Dem scribe “3-Dub” Slater doesn’t get ‘round to it till nearly halfway through the piece. … See, friends, it’s all about planting immediate impressions – whether true or not — things that will stick in uninformed, too-busy-to-care minds. Prominently placing Dear Leader with “Abortion Barbie” hurts her – and The News knows it.
*U.S. outraged over [Israeli] remarks about Kerry, NYT, p. 14A – How dare they! “Lurch” is a highly-educated, erudite Leftist! … Funny — nothing gets Dear Leader’s “U.S.” or our mainstream media angry like Israel. Not al-Qaeda, not Nidal Hasan, not The New Black Panthers, not Fast and Furious, not Iran, not Benghazi, not the IRS. But this! This gets the “O” word (outrage). … The News evidently doesn’t have room for this from Israel’s defense minister: “[Kerry] should take his Nobel Peace Prize and leave us alone.” That’s funny. I don’t care who ya’ are. (Apologies to Larry the Cable Guy.)

*Ban on [homosexual] marriage overturned [in Oklahoma], AP/NYT, p. 1A – Always missing from these stories: the Left is attempting to change the very definition of a word: marriage. There’s never been any “marriage inequality.”

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.