Dallas Morning News Bias – January 14, 2014

*Obama to bailout insurance companies, mask Obamacare costs
*Obamas’s Energy Dept. seeks energy ratings for homes
(For your own good, of course!)
*Half of U.S. counties haven’t recovered from recession
*New Jan. 1 gas-price record set — for fifth straight year
(The News has yet to tie Dear Leader to high gas prices.)
*Medicare overpaying millions for ‘erection pumps’
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*Abortion ban based on fetal pain rejected [for Arizona law], NYT/AP, p. 1A – Wow, The News’ former-embryos are pleased with this! Jesus-Returns font – top o’ the front page! … It seems The Supremes let stand a ruling by the loony San Fran 9th Circuit that views unborn babies akin to death row inmates. (I’m not kidding.) The News hopes this builds momentum for overturning Texas’ pro-life laws. … Perhaps fetal-pain could be better understood if The News ever ran a feature describing an abortion at 20 weeks — the tools used, the damage inflicted. Or if they devoted a page to describing a 20-week-old unborn child’s development. But it won’t. … Note: this story does not label the 9th circuit “liberal,” but in a companion piece on 6A, DMN pro-abort scribe “Hoppe-Along Lefty” warns the 5th Circuit is“conservative.” In the same sentence, Hoppe fails to label The Center for Reproductive Rights orPlanned Parenthood anything. (See how the subtle game is played, friends?)
*Justices weigh recess appointments, AP, p. 4A – Hmmm, The News’ copy editor is not so geeked for this story. Judges weigh recess appointments? That’s it? Here’s the real headline — from the first line of the story: Judges cast doubt on Obama’s ‘recess’ appointments. Or: Judges doubt Obama’s ‘recess’ claim. Or maybe: Obama’s ‘recess’ actions may skirt founders’ vision. Tell us something, man – you know, like for the abortion piece above. …Missing from AP’s account, from lib Justice Breyer – as noted in The Washington Times: Justice Stephen G. Breyer said the Founding Fathers didn’t intend for the recess power to be a political tool to help the president avoid Senate approval. “I can’t find anything that says the purpose of this clause has anything at all to do with political fights between Congress and the president.” And this from lib Justice Kagan, edited from AP’s original by The News: Justice Elena Kagan, an Obama nominee, seized on the political dispute to make the point … that “congressional intransigence” to Obama nominees may not be enough to win the court fight. Kagan … suggested that it “is the Senate’s role to determine whether they’re in recess.” … Incredibly, AP concludes this case is nowmuch ado about nothing since Dems recently changed 200-year-old Senate tradition and killedRepublicans’ ability to so object again. No biggie that Dear Leader violated the Constitution! Things have changedLOL.
*Test votes delayed on jobless bill, AP, p. 7A – No mention here that this repeatedly-renewed “emergency” unemployment cash was cut as part of
last month’s much-trumpeted budget agreement. The Dems gave this up in the grand bargain. Now we’re s’posed to forget that — and get on board. (Can the GOP take back its chips? No way!!)
*Light F-150 shows its metal, p. 1D – DMN Dem scribe Terry Box shows his mettle! No CAFE standards again today! … Physics For Fun: What happens when a 700-pound lighter truck hits aPeterbilt 18-wheeler? Que lastima!


Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.