Must Read Texas – January 6, 2014

Texas Abortion Law Facing Federal Court Review;
TT: Rift Among Pro Life Groups;
Business Group Plans Tea Party Counter
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Here’s the brief:

Your absolute must clicks:
> The Texas abortion law is being reviewed by a federal court.
> TT reports on the “rift” between pro life groups.
> DMN’s Christy Hoppe reports that a business group plans to counter balance the tea party in this year’s elections.


– The FWST editorial board is encouraging (behind paywall) the Texas Railroad Commission to more thoroughly investigate the alleged impact of fracking operations on earthquakes.
– The SAEN editorial board wants judicial election reform.

2013 / 2014 / 2016:
– AAS profile (behind paywall) of Lt. Gov. candidate and State Sen. Dan Patrick (R-TX).
– The home of alleged swindler of the federal campaign account of Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst has beenturned over as his assets are being seized.
– U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is inspiring (behind paywall) many Texas candidates this year.

Other stories of interest:
– Frustration is mounting in West, TX over the pace of aid for the victims of the tragic fertilizer explosion.

Lighter clicks:
– The 8 biggest film box office disasters of all time.

Your Daily Source of Inspiration:
– Get well, Paul Burka.


AP: ERCOT warns conservation necessary (1/6/14 5pm)

AP: Some states confirm water pollution from drilling (1/6/14 4:59pm)

AP: Federal appeals court to review Texas abortion law (1/6/14 4:58pm)

TT: Rift Between “Pro-Life” Groups Spills Into Elections (1/6/14 4:58pm)

DMN: Texas business groups ally to counter tea party influence in GOP primaries (1/6/14 4:57pm)

DMN: ERCOT says high demand due to cold weather prompted morning’s emergency alert (1/6/14 11:47am)

DMN: With trials postponed, Judge Carlos Cortez doesn’t appear on bench after family violence arrest (1/6/14 11:46am)

DMN: Update: Dallas council committee OK’s committing $50 million in TIF money to 1401 Elm redo, with strings (1/6/14 11:44am)

DMN ($): Frustration mounts in West over painfully slow distribution of aid (1/6/14 11:38am)

FWST ($): Husband says Texas law shouldn’t restrict life support decision for pregnant wife (1/6/14 11:34am)

FWST ($): Bob Bolen, former Fort Worth Mayor, dies (1/6/14 11:32am)

CHRON ($): Metro still working to reclaim unpaid tolls (1/26/13 11:28am)

CHRON ($): Rice puts timberland to pasture (1/26/13 11:28am)

CHRON ($): Abbott challengers draw inspiration from Cruz’s run (1/6/14 11:28am)

CHRON ($): Abortion foes like appeals panel (1/6/14 11:24am)

CHRON: San Antonio, Dallas abortion clinics gain admitting privileges (1/6/14 11:22am)

CHRON: Speaker Straus reappoints Houstonian to Ethics Commission (1/6/14 11:21am)

CHRON: Dewhurst gets home of consultant accused of theft (1/6/14 11:21am)

SAEN ($): Lawyers to help victims of military sex assaults (1/6/14 11:13am)

SAEN ($): Ex-BAMC doc, administrator to plead guilty (1/6/14 11:13am)

SAEN ($): Grants to fix roads called welcome but insufficient (1/6/14 11:11am)

AAS ($): Dan Patrick makes run at Dewhurst with ‘authentic conservative’ pitch for No. 2 spot (1/6/14 10:46am)

AAS: ERCOT: Rotating power outages no longer expected (1/6/14 10:46am)

THE HILL: Stockman removes outdated endorsement list from campaign site (1/6/14 10:20am)

TT: ERCOT: Rolling Blackout Threat Averted In Cold Snap (1/6/14 10:16am)


DMN: Making airline security less of a headache (1/6/14 11:48am)

FWST ($): AA’s eagle goes modern, but Fort Worth still has the old birds (1/6/14 11:36am)

FWST ($): Texas Railroad Commission can’t just tippy-toe around quakes (1/6/14 11:35am)

CHRON: Willful neglect? (1/6/14 11:26am)

CHRON: Oil must flow (1/6/14 11:26am)

CHRON: Electricity shock (1/6/14 11:25am)

SAEN: It’s not an either/or situation in water, energy debate (1/6/14 11am)

SAEN: Job left undone on military assaults (1/6/14 10:59am)

SAEN: Texas needs new way of picking judges (1/6/14 10:58am)

AAS ($): Austin’s surrounding cities are special parts of a larger whole (1/6/14 10:49am)

AAS ($): Squeeze on working class is puzzle that Austin must solve (1/6/14 10:47am)


KOPP: Let’s call off the education arms race (1/6/14 2:47pm)

METZGER ($): 2014 will be big for Texas environment (1/6/14 11:37am)

BERNAL, BAMBERG & GRIER ($): Houston’s public schools are primed for success (1/6/14 11:31am)

C. MOSBACHER ($): What does the future hold for Houston? (1/6/14 11:30am)

A. TAYLOR ($): Land use policies are key to future (1/6/14 11:30am)

JANUARY-BEVERS & TORRES ($): Forests, wetlands and prairies offer benefits throughout Houston (1/6/14 11:29am)

KING: Our local governments need more structure (1/6/14 11:24am)

B. WOODS ($): Tests alone do not measure potentials (1/6/14 11:18am)

ROTH ($): Most workers need 401(k) guidance (1/6/14 11:17am)

NIEDERAUER ($): Manufacturing jobs going unfilled (1/6/14 11:16am)

FIKAC ($): Davis campaign has ‘oops’ moment on payday lending (1/6/14 11:15am)

SCHOTT ($): Police, fire pensions: Sound and necessary (1/6/14 11:01am)

LOWRY ($): Heat in Texas prisons is a boiling liability (1/6/14 10:51am)

B. SANDLIN ($): Don’t discount advantages of municipal water supplies (1/6/14 10:50am)

DOOLITTLE ($): Where are the moderates? Busy making change (1/6/14 10:48am)

WEAR ($): Some quick thoughts about rapid bus (1/6/14 10:47am)

RAMSEY: For Perry’s Administration, the End is Beginning (1/6/14 10:21am)

STANFORD: Can Obama recover? (1/6/13 6:58am)

BLOGS (from the left)

BOR: As Judges Hear Oral Arguments, Texas Abortion Bill Appears to Have Support of Fifth Circuit Panel (1/6/14 5:41pm)

BLOGS (from the right)

EMPOWER TEXANS: Countering Conservatives (1/6/14 10:19am)

Author: Must Read Texas

Matt Mackowiak (@MattMackowiak) & Jason Stanford @MustReadTexas