Dallas Morning News Bias – January 6, 2014


*FBI drops ‘law enforcement’ as primary mission
(Nothin’ to see here. Move on.)
*NSA won’t say whether it spies on Congress
(Let’s see – Dear Leader already used the IRS to go after tea partiers. Think of the fun he’ll have with the NSA!)
*49,000 Medicaid cards mailed to wrong addresses
(Ain’t Medicaid expansion great? More totally unnecessary “temporary chaos!”)
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*Health law rule alarms volunteer fire chiefs, AP, p. 4A – They’re probably just racists. … Kudos for finally noting this, DMN. (Yours truly brought it to their attention weeks ago. See below.) … Interesting how AP treats this: it’s an “ambiguity” in Obamacare, not yet decided. Actually, Dear Leader’s IRS already ruled these volunteer FDs WILL come under the law. That’s why the fire chiefs are “alarmed.” (Make sense? Sure, it does!) AP concludes, “The question is expected to be answered when the IRS releases final regulations this year before the proviso takes effect in 2015. A Treasury Department spokeswoman said the [IRS] is taking the concerns into account.” Praise Allah!! They’re going to listen to us!!! (Like they listened to the Catholics …) I’ll say it again: This is NOT how a representative republic operates. And our mainstream media totally support Dear Leader’s Brave New Amerika.
*Iraqi military strikes back [at al Qaeda], AP, p. 8A – Surprise! No Barry! (But John Kerry says we’re “very, very concerned.”… BTW: you won’t see it in The News, but a noted historian says the Middle East now looks like a modern-day version of the 1914 Balkan region that exploded into WWI. Now, there’s a feather in Dear Leader’s cap! Hillary’s too!
*Politics to play role in global recovery, McClatchy, p. 1D – Our economy is “rolling!” So says The News’ sub-head. And that’s based on AP’s lede: “The U.S. economic recovery appears to have finally moved onto a faster track …” (Makes you wonder why extending unemployment benefits is now the latest desperate crisis facing D.C.) Clip and save, kind readers. Clip and save. … This story in a nut: that awful U.S. “recovery” was the rest of the world’s fault; Obama’s policies had nothing to do with it, so we don’t mention them at all.
*Congress’ ambitions underwhelming, NYT/AP, p. 1A – AP, The Times, The News, they likeaction — getting things done! Sweeping legislation you have to pass to find out what’s in it. That gets ‘em pumped, baby! That’s “governing!”… Missing context here ‘bout extending those unemployment benefits: NOT extending them was part of what Dems gave up in the recently celebrated budget deal. Now, days later, they’re back demanding they be extended. And the mainstream media treat it as a completely separate issue. See how it works, friends?


Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.