Dallas Morning News Bias – January 2, 2014


*AP: Obama’s excellent Hawaii vacation updates
(The News runs LOTS of AP stuff – but not this.)
*Obamacare delivers sucker-punch to middle class
*Doctors, hospitals expect Obamacare confusion
*Still more Obamacare cancellations than sign-ups
(Some see these cancellations as an “imposition,” AP would say.)
*Obamacare ‘cheerleader’ can’t afford coverage for herself, her toddler
(More ignored irony!)
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*Selling Obamacare to ‘young invincibles, AP, p. 7A – Another freeObamacare ad in The DMN — faxed from The White House, via AP!
*Catholic groups win [Obamacare] birth control exclusion, WashPo, p. 1A; (subhead) First day of coverage is quiet in ERs, p. 7A – Good for the nuns – but the real story here: WashPo proclaims Day 1 of Obamacare a success!! Yes — “Hospitals nationwide reported a relatively slow day, without any surge of newly insured people filling emergency rooms with pressing medical needs.” No matter it was New Year’s Day — when half of America sleeps till 3 p.m. — WashPo has a reliable sample!! Plus, WashPo wants us to believe it knows how things went at “hospitals nationwide!” Hahahahahaha! And this: “The White House reported no problems.” The WHITE HOUSE reported no problems?Really? And that statement has credibility WHY? …  Here’s what we’re being set-up for, grasshoppers: we’re now to look just TWO places for our health care info: the left-wing news media and Dear Leader’s White House. Good luck, America!
*U.S. economy off to a running start for 2014, McClatchy, p. 1A – Clip-and-save this one too, friends. Suddenly — we have a “robust recovery,” says The News’ subhead!! … Anyone else notice that since Dear Leader Obama’s approval rating achieved whale-excrement level, we’ve seen a flurry of good economic data from his minions — including a massively boosted third-quarter revision — and a flurry of good economic “news?” … McClatchy here opens,“For the first time since 2007, the U.S. economy is starting the new year on strong economic footing amid a flurry of signs that point to firming recovery.”Folks, there’s no way an economy that’s $17 trillion in debt, that’s runningoceans of deficit spending, that’s still being propped-up by tens of billions of dollars each month, that’s handing over 1/6th of itself to Obamacare, that boastsrecord food-stamp spending and stunningly low work force participation is on“strong footing.” THAT is a fantasy. (BTW, none of the above is mentioned in this story.) … And see below, a headline you’ll not see in The News:
*Boehner signals wiggle room on [illegal immigration], NYT, p. 1A – This gives “advocates for change new hope,” swoons The Times. Has anyone ever seen tea partiers called “advocates for change” in The DMN? Me neither. … Don’t j-schoolers jes’ looooove them some Boehner now? Why, overnight, he’s no longer a “terrorist,” an “extortionist.” (Hate to tell you media types, but all Boehner has “signaled” is he’s about to “wiggle” his ass out of a job. Enjoy him while you can.)
*Airlifts planned from [Antarctic] ice, AP, p. 10A – Still, neither AP nor The News will tell you these are “global-warming” scientists and fellow alarmistsstuck down there in the ice. It’s just a “research ship” here, and this Chris Turney, he’s just the “expedition leader.” Hilarious.


Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.