Dallas Morning News Bias – January 1, 2014


*2013 closes with record number of Americans on disability
*Government regulations driving fast-food restaurants from U.S.
*More record cold temps in 2013 than record highs
(USAToday has this — but not The News.)
*Va. black-on-white ‘knockout’ attack goes uninvestigated
(Not a good National round-up pick for The News? All you have to do, guys, is occasionally check Drudge. … I’ll never forget, kind readers, DMN Managing Editor George Rodrigue once telling me, via email, if I didn’t like their coverage I should watch FoxNews.)
*MSNBC host apologizes to Romney
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”:
*[Wendy] Davis says [Texas] finance chief should quit, p. 3A – A nicely teed-up and struck bit of pro-Abortion Barbie “news.” Expect LOTS more! … DMN Dem scribe “Hoppe-Along Lefty” has the chilling “news”: Texas’ Finance Commission chairman, who’s also VP of a pay-day loan business ACTUALLY SAID“People are responsible for their decisions …” This is unspeakable blasphemy to leftists like Abortion Barbie and her DMN allies, and thus — with the election coming up — “newsworthy.” Plus, we’re reminded, this devil was appointed by that cold-blooded thug Rick Perry. Hoppe-Along also notes this devil’s business was fined $19 million last month by something called the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, for “abusive practices.”  Ooo, theConsumer Financial Protection Bureau — sounds like a good thing, somevenerable institution — lookin’ out for YOU!! But “Hoppe-Along” doesn’t note this outfit has been around all of three years. It was cooked-up by the Dems’Dodd-Frank takeover of the financial industry in 2010. It’s the same outfit to which Dear Leader Obama “recess appointed” Richard Cordray while the Senate was NOT in recess. (But you didn’t need to know that.) … One more thing, Ms. Hoppe: Abortion Barbie and you are Democrats – not “Democratics.”  
*As health law takes effect, more risks lie ahead, AP, p. 4A – Whataya know. A teeny bit of negativity for Obamacare – albeit stuffed at the bottom of the page. AP hack Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, faced with the coming disasterwrought by a law he’s pushed for years, must now address a few little things, things that “people see as an imposition.” Things like: forcing every American to have coverage; thinking you have coverage but you don’t; insurers still getting “thousands of erroneous sign-ups from the government.” Stuff like that. People see that as an “imposition.” Go figger. … Things Al-Zal doesn’taddress: massively higher premiums and deductibles — even for folks not yet under Obamacare; people forced to carry coverage they don’t need or want; people losing their doctors; Dear Leader’s brazen attack on Christian institutions and businesses; the fact that Obamacare may be the WORST PIECE OF FEDERAL LEGISLATION ever conceived – a flaming left-wing Hindenburg; and of course, Dear Leader’s LIE.
*You can’t dress up the failures of Obamacare, Rick Perry Op-Ed, p. 17A –Kudos for giving the guv some “equal time” here. Now let’s see it from the newsroom.
*Many business owners say they’ll hire in 2014, Cheryl Hall Business column, p. 1D – Another happy-happy-happy business headline! … Recall Ms. Hall was “caught off guard” last month by SMU business experts’ dire view on the national economy. Ever since, she’s been busily compiling local happy-happy-happy “research.” Today, she’s found, at least among those on her digital Rolodex, that everybody is hiring around here!! You go, girl! (But read some of these business folks’ comments closely. It’s not so happy, happy, happy.) …Interesting observation: compare the print headline above to the online version below for this story. The News’ online headlines are often less liberal than the print for some reason.

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.