Dallas Morning News Bias – December 31, 2013


*Howard Dean: Scrap Obamacare mandate
*Thousands scramble to get medical procedures before Obamacare begins
*Dem: Obamacare enrollment tanked because people thought it was repealed
(Hahahahahahaha! That’s funny.)
*State Dept. whistleblower’s email hacked, deleted
(Clinton goons strike again! But no “legs” at The News.)
Meanwhile The News’ “news”
*4.8 million fall into coverage gap, AP, p. 4A – This is the only Obamacare “news” The DMN deems worthy of ink today: States that won’t accept Dear Leader’s offer of “free” Medicaid expansion are the problem. Got it? This thingwould work if not for the GOP. Those 6 million who lost their plans after Dear Leader said they WOULDN’T, the millions who think they’re now covered and AREN’T, the millions who’ll now pay three and four times higher deductibles — THOSE aren’t problems and aren’t to be discussed in The News. It’s just full-bore propaganda now. Drive it home – for the “greater good.” … AP moans,“About 5 million people will be without health care next year that they would have gotten simply if they lived somewhere else in America.” (It’s the old Your ZIP CODE Shouldn’t Determine Your Future pap!), and — like DMN Business columnist “Schneering Shrurm — What’s the prob? Obama “promises to pay almost all the cost.” See below, balance not provided by The News:
*Still waiting for rescue [in Antarctica], AP, p.10A – Usually, irony is a big, big attraction for journalists when deciding what’s news — but not for this.Nowhere in The News’ review of this incident are we told this expedition was a mission by “global-warming” scientists and like-minded zealots (AP calls them “tourists”) intent on proving melting ice was a growing danger to us all. Its leader, “global-warming” scientist Chris Turney, was seeking to document South Pole “environmental changes” since explorer Douglas Mawson was there 100 years ago. (The News’ presentation notes this as, they were “studying [Mawson’s] route”.) Bottom line: These silly “global warming” alarmists GOT STUCK IN THE ICE!! Good stuff, no? But DMN readers don’t need to know that. (Even CNN reports the “climate change” angle.) … “Global warming” isjust one of many stories The News cannot be trusted to report on truthfully. … Don’t take my word for all this. See below:
*Alcohol, guns add up to tragedy, p. 1A – Now why would The News dredge up this particular three-year-old tragedy? Because the grieved father, who lost his son to a senseless accidental shooting, favors stricter gun control laws in Texas! Ta-daaaaaaaa! (And he’s from New York! The Daily Double!) …Texas,” informs DMN Dem scribe Sarah Mervosh, “unlike some other states, doesn’t dictate how guns should be stored.” (That would’ve kept this drunk college kid from doing this, you see.) And,“with the exception of concealed-handgun license holders, it’s not a crime to handle a gun while intoxicated.” (This would’ve gotten this drunk college kid’s attention, you see. Meanwhile, you come home from dinner and a glass of wine to find an intruder and – outa luck, bud! See you in court!!) This father also wants Texas to require guns remain unloaded “when not in use” — but he’s not “against the Second Amendment,” no way! … The hoped-for takeaway here: God, we need more Dems in Austin.

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.